The Countdown to 16

Just about every day Amy lets me know how many more days/weeks it is until her 16th birthday (it’s exactly 2 weeks from today).  I feel so old.  I forget what it was like to turn 16, I hope she holds onto the memory longer than I have.  She’s looking forward to getting her driver license (in June) and getting wheels, as I’m giving her my Taurus.  I’m getting a new car…not sure which one yet.  She’s also making plans to get a job, I’m not exactly sure when she is going to have time for a job, but he’s making plans anyway.  Basically the summer is well shot because we head up to Bethany Beach for 2 weeks smack dab in the middle of the summer.  I’m not sure what summer jobs will still be available when we get back.  We are hoping that she will start some college classes as a Dual Enrollment option when she goes into her Junior year.  So with that I think she might feel a bit squeezed by working as well.  Then there’s swim team, water polo, tennis…we’ll see.  She doesn’t have to work, other than to earn a bit more in pocket money, and pay for the gas for the car.  Phew.

Let’s see, we went to Patrick and Marcella’s wedding weekend before last and it was really lovely.  Congratulations to a very nice couple, hope to see them sometime soon if they visit our area.  My cousin (mother of the groom) looked lovely and it looked like everyone had a great time.  It was very much a college-age crowd and they had a fantastic time dancing.  The day of the wedding, we went down to Palm Beach to walk along Worth Avenue and goggle at the expensive designer merchandise.  I have never seen so many Bentley’s, Rolls Royce’s, Astin Martin’s and other luxury cars all in one place, just parked out on the street as if that’s the most normal thing in the world.  I found out it was also Ivana Trump’s wedding to her toy boy, so that might be one reason there was so much expensive hardware rolling around town.  What a trip, to see how the other half lives.  And they think Disney is where Fantasyland is…  Too funny.

So for Amy’s 16th, we have the following plans:

Glamour Shots — having the annual Amy/Jessica pictures done at Glamour Shots, we had that done when they were 10 and now for the 16th.  This time Daniella and I will participate, too.  At least my Bell’s Palsy is gone, so I won’t have a lopsided smile.  I’ll share those pictures when they are done.

Dinner at Planet Hollywood — we’re treating Amy and 5 of her friends to dinner at Planet Hollywood, we have reservations early (because that’s when we get the Disney discount).  Then back to our house for dessert and open presents.  FInish relatively early, because it’s a school night.

Weekend at Ft. Wilderness — another reprise of an earlier birthday event, it was so much fun we decided to do it again…glutton for punishment, I guess.  We will have Amy and 5 of her friends in a cabin at Ft. Wilderness (and the two of us as well) for a weekend.  The cabin normally sleeps 6, but the girls will do fine there is a double bed and two bunk beds.  Last time they were all over the place.  Tony and I get the murphy bed in the living room (ouch).  One bathroom (we get up early before teenage girls and then we can get out of the way).  The plan is to go see a movie on Friday night (girls can take Disney resort transportation), then spend the day Saturday at the resort (watercraft rentals, swimming, boy-watching, scooting around in a golf cart, eating, etc.), and then on Sunday Daniella and I will sign them into the park for the day.  Then we get Monday off (Memorial Day) so it will give me a day to recover.  That will be fun.

Oh, I had one of those embarrassing moments today.  I fell at the gym in front of about 6 people…I landed somehow on the back of my head and my butt, I don’t know what I hit my head on, I don’t think it was the floor, it might have been a step machine.  I was trying some exercises where you touch your knee with your opposite elbow and then the other, I have done it before.  I think I stepped into a machine that was close to me and lost my balance, then whoopsie, down I went.  The trainer, Sonya, came to help me out and all I could do was groan and try not to lose conciousness.  I was so afraid someone was going to call 911.  Anyway I was up and finished the exercise class, not as energetic as I would have liked.  Then walking around today was pretty sore…but other than that I think I’m ok.  My head doesn’t hurt at all, but my butt does!  Too funny.

What else…why is it that when I’m driving around or doing other things I can think of 75 things to write in my blog and then when I sit down to write I can’t think of a thing.  That’s the nice thing about the blog…if I think of anything else I just write another post.

Keep in touch!


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