We travel locally and visit attractions, beaches, and other places throughout Florida.  I’ll blog about those experiences here, and post some pictures or slideshows.

Discovery Cove

Here are some pictures of our day at Discovery Cove.  We had the “dolphin experience” which was fun but kind of goofy, as evidenced by the get-up-close-and-personal-kissing-the-dolphin scene.  Abigail kind of liked wearing the snorkel and mask, and wouldn’t take it off even when feeding the little birds in the aviary.  Too funny!  For the complete set of pictures, check out my photo album

[rockyou id=91176143&w=324&h=243]

Magic Kingdom

2007  Wilson/Mason Visit 

Here is a short slideshow.  For the complete set of pictures, check out my photo album

[rockyou id=91180057&w=500&h=166]

Coquina on the Beach — Sarasota

2007 Labor Day Weekend

We love visiting Coquina.  We went with our friends Peggy, Marty, and Nicole Maddock.  The resort was the same as ever, except over a holiday weekend was absolutely packed.  You couldn’t get into the pool, and you couldn’t get a chair on the beach.  Parking’s always difficult there, but even more so on that weekend.  We got our usual 2-room suite which I like a lot, except for sharing the bathroom with a teenage girl.  That’s an experience I could do without.  We had a really nice dinner at Columbia this time, as well as an awesome barbecue.  I do enjoy walking around St. Armand’s Circle.  Nicole bought a really cool Betsy Johnson knock-off dress for Homecoming.  Amy borrowed it for our trip to NYC and wore it to the show.  We walked the beach quite a few times, found some nice shells, and relaxed in the sun.  For the complete set of pictures, check out my photo album

[rockyou id=91188871&w=324&h=243]


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