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Life in the Slow Lane

We are enjoying a day outdoors on this lovely April day at Blue Springs State Park with friends. Blue Springs is on the St. Johns river in Orange City. It’s very beautiful and peaceful.

I’m also trying out blogging with the WordPress iPhone app for the first time. That will explain the brevity and typos.

Blue Springs is nice, there are areas you can swim, kayak and canoe on the St. Johns and they do Scuba diving in the “boil” which is what they call the place where the water bubbles up to the surface from beneath the surface. It’s popular and small. They close the park when the parking lot is full.

We brought Turkey Dog with us. The park allows pets on a leash. All Florida State Parks do, evidently. He’s having a great time, bit he has to stay on the leash.

I will post some pictures later. Wonder if Shutterfly has an iPhone app??


A New Chapter

Well, finally!!  Great news, I’ve been tapped for a special project and will be working on a cross-functional team with a lot of very smart and talented people.  It’s like I’ve won the work assignment lottery.  I can’t talk about the project yet, but I can talk about my feelings and how honored and blessed I feel to be a part of it.

I think there will be some trade-offs and downsides.  The office arrangements, for one, may be a bit of a drag.  But looking on the bright side, I will not feel isolated or have a lack of company!!  Right now we’ll be sitting in a big room all together.  They lovingly refer to this as a “bull pen.”  Oh My.  Another minor detail is that the project has a life, so it will end, and with that means another transition.   The project has high visibility and to be a part of it can only be a positive thing.

I couldn’t be happier right now, and I’m looking forward to the new chapter in my career and work life.  Yay!!

Pat, Carolyn, Vicki, and Michele

I had a great visit with my sister Carolyn last month.  I flew out to Seattle and we took the Victoria Clipper for two days in Victoria, BC.   We had a great time, we had high tea at the Empress Hotel, and then spent the day on a leisurely walk around town.  We took a Ghost Tour and on the first stop we found out that our hotel was haunted…and Carolyn could hardly contain herself after catching the giggles really bad.  Then we found a nice pub for dinner and had a fantastic glass of wine.  That was so great!  When we told the waitress about our ghost tour, she told us about the ghostly experience she had when working at the pub next door.  Spooky!  We managed to survive the night in our haunted hotel, and the next day we found a sweet little place for a great brunch and then toured Butchart Gardens.  The only thing we didn’t get to do while in Victoria was the whale watching, but we did do some people watching.  Next time we will go whale watching, for sure.

When we returned to Seattle we went on a tour of Chateau St. Michelle and tasted some great wines.  Of course, after that I could not resist joining the Chateau St. Michelle wine club, so I will get two bottles of wine each quarter to enjoy from Chateau St. Michelle.  Yum!  That tour and tasting was thanks to my good friend Deanna who arranged it for us.

On my last day there Carolyn had her friends over and we had a great lunch out on the deck…by the way I didn’t mention that the weather in Seattle and Victoria was excellent the whole time I was there.  The day we had lunch with friends it was warm and sunny all day.  We went shopping at Nordstrom’s and had dinner before I caught my red-eye back to Florida.  All-in-all it was a fun trip and a great visit.

Here’s my pictures from the trip, check them out!!

We’re planning our next visit soon, somewhere…not sure where yet but it will be fun to plan.

Mini Mia

I just wanted to share pictures of my new Mini Cooper. 

I had quite a time getting it, but it was fun!  I had been looking for a new car since giving my Taurus to Amy.  This summer we’ve been sharing two cars between three of us, and after returning from the beach Amy got a job and it started becoming pretty inconvenient. Anyway, we were waiting for some funds to arrive, and once they came in I started looking for Mini Mia.  I knew she was out there somewhere, but had been hearing that Minis were hard to find.  I called Downtown Mini here in Orlando, and found out that they had no new minis in stock, they were completely sold out.  The one convertible they had was a 2006. 

So I found a dealer in Tampa and had an online chat with them late on Thursday night.  On Friday morning around 10 a.m. a guy named Mark called me and told me they had one 2008 Mini Cooper Convertible available.  I told him I would call and let him know what time I would be there.  I had to finish up a meeting and then take Amy to the bank to get her first checking account.  All the while I’m working on getting this account set up, I’m on the phone with Mark making sure Mini Mia was still there and wasn’t sold.  I offered to put a deposit on over the phone and he said someone would call back.  By the time Amy and I had lunch I had the assurance of a sales person named Chris that Mini Mia was mine as long as I could get there by 6 p.m.  Tony came home and changed and off we went.  We hit Tampa during rush hour and Chris called me a couple of times while we were on the road to make sure we were still coming.  The trip took about 30 minutes longer than usual, but we were there just after 6 p.m.  After taking a short test drive, and then signing all the paperwork, Mini Mia was mine!

I found out while we were waiting for all the paperwork to get done that the Mini dealer in Tampa has one more convertible on the way next week.  A gal was in the showroom and she told me she had bought it sight unseen, and was very excited to get it because it was the last one in Florida that she could find, other than the one I bought.

So I’m very excited to have a fun new car.  The convertible will be more fun in the winter, right now it’s pretty hot to tool around with the top down.

I’m hoping to get a vanity plate with Mini Mia but I’ll bet it’s already taken.  I’ll let you know!

My Lopsided Smile

I need to update you on something… on Friday I started having symptoms of Bell’s Palsy on the right side of my face, and today that side of my face is totally non-functional. In case you are not familiar with Bell’s Palsy, it’s a paralysis of the facial muscles, usually on one side of the face, caused by the inflammation of the facial nerve that runs through a canal in the skull behind the ear. This nerve controls muscular movement of the face only, which is lips, cheeks, eyes, eyelids, and forehead. They don’t really know what causes the nerve to become inflamed, although it is associated with a number of viruses including the common cold. It is not contagious. It’s self-limiting and will not spread to other nerves.

I have had this once before, over 20 years ago, and it went away by itself after a few months, I don’t recall how long it lasted but I think it was something like 3 or 4 months.

So, you will notice that I cannot move at all on the right side of my face. I have difficulty eating (hey, maybe that would be good for my diet!), drinking and talking. I have some slight pain right behind my ear, which I’m sure is the inflammation. My smile is undoubtedly lopsided…and sometimes I have to rub my right eye which gets a bit dried out. I’ll be wearing my glasses as contacts will not work as I can’t blink too well on the right side. I will probably be getting some medication to try and bring the inflammation down more quickly.

I’m trying to stay positive and confident, and I just wanted all of you to know so you weren’t caught off guard by my appearance. It’s ok to ask me about it and talk about it with me, and if you have any experience or knowledge of Bell’s Palsy you can share I would very much appreciate it.

 On another note, Amy returns from her visit to England today, she’s in the air somewhere over Canada as I write this!  Can’t wait to hear about her visit and how much fun she had.  I’m glad she got to spend time with her sister.

A Month of Fun

It’s turning into a busy month, loads of things to plan and do.  Here’s a quick rundown:

…last weekend we went to Tampa to the quarter-final playoffs for the state championship football in division 5A FHSAA Football.  Osceola High School vs. Chamberlain High, Osceola wins 14-7 in a nailbiter down to the last 3 seconds.

…this weekend, we’re traveling to Jacsksonville for the semi-final game, this time with Bartram Trail High School.  We’ll spend the night so we don’t have to make the drive back the same night.

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Sandy Toes

I have sandy toes this week, and it’s wonderful.  No matter what beach I go to, it will not be the same as Bethany Beach.  Life at Bethany Beach takes on a certain rhythm that we fall into so naturally as if we spend our time like this every day of our lives.  Bethany Beach is a special place where our family has time to kick back and just be together.  We have spent time in Bethany Beach almost every year since I was 6 years old, which means for 44 years.  My mother came here when she was growing up.  Except for a few years here and there, right after college, some of the early years of marriage, and some years when we went to England, we have always come to Bethany Beach. 

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