I have found some resources and support groups online that have been very helpful… but kind of scary in a way, because I read about some people who have had Bell’s Palsy for years, some for their entire life.  My doctor is confident thta I will recover and I share his positive attitude and I will keep trying everything I can.

My work colleagues have been very nice and supportive.  It’s easy to talk with them and everyone is understanding and accepting.  The hardest part at work is the talking, because so much of my job depends upon presentation skills.  I am going to have to get past the embarrasment of some slurred speech, though, and get out there in spite of the problem.  People will have nothing but respect for the confidence that I show.

I found in one support group a lead for taking Magnesium and Epsom Salts.  I’m starting to read up on these and if I think they will help, I’ll start on them.  Magnesium has some risks that I’m not entirely sure about, so will need to research further.  Not sure what to do with Epsom Salts, I didn’t know you could “take” Epsom Salts except in bath water.  We used to soak the horses hoofs in it when they were sore or going up lame.  Too funny.

I promised pictures… not brave enough yet… 

This is my lopsided smilie.  😕  See, when you’re looking at it, the right side is smiling but the left isn’t, which means that the person looking at you is paralyzed on the right side like me. 

No changes yet, although I am getting some tingling sensations, and feeling flushed.  The afternoon is bad on my eye.

I’ve been sleeping well, and trying to get into bed early, even though I’m sitting up watching TV.  I think it’s important to be well rested when in this condition.

More later.


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