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Life in the Slow Lane

We are enjoying a day outdoors on this lovely April day at Blue Springs State Park with friends. Blue Springs is on the St. Johns river in Orange City. It’s very beautiful and peaceful.

I’m also trying out blogging with the WordPress iPhone app for the first time. That will explain the brevity and typos.

Blue Springs is nice, there are areas you can swim, kayak and canoe on the St. Johns and they do Scuba diving in the “boil” which is what they call the place where the water bubbles up to the surface from beneath the surface. It’s popular and small. They close the park when the parking lot is full.

We brought Turkey Dog with us. The park allows pets on a leash. All Florida State Parks do, evidently. He’s having a great time, bit he has to stay on the leash.

I will post some pictures later. Wonder if Shutterfly has an iPhone app??


A Month of Fun

It’s turning into a busy month, loads of things to plan and do.  Here’s a quick rundown:

…last weekend we went to Tampa to the quarter-final playoffs for the state championship football in division 5A FHSAA Football.  Osceola High School vs. Chamberlain High, Osceola wins 14-7 in a nailbiter down to the last 3 seconds.

…this weekend, we’re traveling to Jacsksonville for the semi-final game, this time with Bartram Trail High School.  We’ll spend the night so we don’t have to make the drive back the same night.

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Sandy Toes

I have sandy toes this week, and it’s wonderful.  No matter what beach I go to, it will not be the same as Bethany Beach.  Life at Bethany Beach takes on a certain rhythm that we fall into so naturally as if we spend our time like this every day of our lives.  Bethany Beach is a special place where our family has time to kick back and just be together.  We have spent time in Bethany Beach almost every year since I was 6 years old, which means for 44 years.  My mother came here when she was growing up.  Except for a few years here and there, right after college, some of the early years of marriage, and some years when we went to England, we have always come to Bethany Beach. 

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Memorial Day Weekend

Amy’s been out of school just one week, really just 4 days, and I feel like I’ve already had a full summer.  It was funny the other day when she called me at work at 10 a.m. and then when I called her back at noon, said, “Where were you!!”  I was in meetings and I guess she doesn’t realize it when she’s in school that I don’t just sit by the phone all day.  Anyway, I haven’t seen her much this week, we have been crossing paths now and then but her busy social life keeps her away. 

We went to see The Guess Who in concert at Epcot on Friday night, they were part of the Flower and Garden Festival concert series.  We stayed for one set, which was about 45 minutes and they played all the old favorites.  The first song they played came out in 1965 which tells you how old they are.  They have a younger singer, but they can still play guitars pretty well.  That was fun, and brought back some memories.

Sara’s PartyTonight, (Saturday), she’s at a friend’s 15th birthday party.  This is quite the social occasion, at a fancy hotel, and dressy clothes.  The party is at Portofino Bay Hotel, and Universal Studios Florida.  Quite a nice venue, and a nice occasion. 

Also, we went to see Pirate’s 3 which was every bit the blockbuster everyone says it is.  I found a few of the parts a bit silly, and some things were absolutely pointless, but it was very entertaining and that is exactly what I want when I go to the movies anyway. 

On Monday, we’re planning to have Amy’s friends over for swimming and barbecue.  That will be fun.  Parents are welcome only to the extent that they cook, get the food out, and disappear.  🙂  LOL

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