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Catching Up

I’ve been meaning to write in my blog for a while now.  The last post was at the end of November, for goodness sakes!  I think I should write at least once per month.  So by that standard, I’m only one month behind!  So, to catch up, let’s see if I can fill in some news about December.

I remember there was Christmas… the whole month of December always goes by like a blur because so much is going on.  This year there was not as much, since both KUA and Disney along with most of the rest of the world cancelled the company  Christmas parties.  I didn’t miss those so much.  Usually I get kind of bored with them…but they give a good excuse to dress up nice.

Tony and I decided to give each other a new TV for our bedroom for Christmas instead of giving each other presents.  That worked out ok, I think, we picked out a low-priced LCD and it worked ok, the sound was good, but it had a dead pixel (which means there was a red spot on the screen) and so we took it back.  We bought another one that was $100 more, a name brand, and it looks great.  The one problem was that the sound was lousy.  Go figure.  So I ended up buying a speaker bar from Target for another $100 and the TV sound comes out of that, and now it sounds great.  I get a few HD stations on it, and I guess if I wanted to spring for the extra smart box I could get all the HD and digital channels on it, but for a bedroom TV it’s just fine.

We gave Amy cake decorating lessons (something she is interested in) and I’ll have to fill you in more on that later. Continue reading ‘Catching Up’


Bits and Pieces

I’m sitting here staring at a blank computer screen (well, not totally blank, just the part I need to write in is blank) wondering what to write about today in my blog.  I think of writing sometimes as therapeutic, and sometimes as a way to keep in touch.  My thoughts are random, and I’ll be driving down the street thinking about things and say to myself, hey, I should write about that in my blog.  Now that I’m here writing, I cannot for the life of me remember all the neat things I have thought of to write about.  Too funny.  So what we have here are a few random things that are popping around my head at the moment.  

Our cat has magical powers.  We call him Mr. Mestopheles.  Really his name is Fluffy, and he’s an outdoor cat.  He has magical powers because one minute he’ll be sitting on the bed, all curled up and happy, warm and snug, and the next minute he’s walking in the kitchen door looking like a drowned rat.  Or you’ll hear him meowing in the garage when you know he was just out in the back yard.  I think he has secret passages we don’t know about.  Fluffy is getting on in years, but he’s healthy and happy.  We had a little scare back around Christmas when we brought home a poor sick kittie who had Feline Intestinal Periotinitis (FIP) which is a fatal disease in cats, and very contagious.  Thank heaven that Fluffy did not come into contact with her enough that he caught the virus.  If you look in my blog archives you’ll see pictures of the poor little thing.

I’ve joined a new group at church that was formed for a refugee ministry.  We are teaming up with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service to see what we can do.  One of my interests is teaching adult literacy and I’ve had students for over 16 years.  I think I can use this to help this ministry, because if we end up helping a refugee family who need to learn English I have access to resources that can help.  I now have to try to remember to go to the meetings.  Of course, meetings after work are some of my favorite things.  Too funny.

That reminds me, I bought a new gadget, a telephone that gets Internet, email, and does all sorts of things.  I have wanted a new PDA for a while since my Palm got obsolete.  I wonder if I should have just caved in and bought an iPhone but I really didn’t want to spend $500 on this thing.  I’ll wait ’till the prices come down, but that would have been really neat.  So… I want to use this gadget as a phone, obviously, but also as a PDA so that I know what all my appointments and meetings at work are.  It beeps or chimes the reminders (unless I have the darned thing on silent or vibrate) and the idea is that you can synchronize it with your PC, because you’re not going to type all those appointments in on the teeny-tiny keyboard.  So I get the software installed at home and it works great, but at work, no go.  Disney will let us install the software, but they don’t support it, so they couldn’t help me get it to work.  The only thing I can do is email myself the appointments and they will get into my calendar that way.  Oh well… it’s better than nothing, and I’m pretty good at figuring these things out.

We’re looking forward to a wedding in April, it should be really fun.  It’s my cousin’s son Patrick, and the wedding is in West Palm Beach.  I was hoping to talk my mom and sister into taking a stroll on Worth Avenue the day before the wedding, so I’m hoping they will want to, it’s kind of fun in a way, even though I can’t afford to buy a stick of gum on Worth Avenue.  Do they even allow gum on Worth Avenue?  Too funny.  If they don’t want to do that I might try to see if my former boss from New York would like to have a short visit.  I know they live in Palm Beach, and we have kept in touch all these years with Christmas Cards and he gets my newsletter, but we have never visited.

That’s it for now, maybe I’ll use my new gadget to jot down some random notes to myself, or record some messages for myself when I think of some neat subjects to write about in my blog.  Now that would be efficient!

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