Happy Spring!

March is almost over…the year is flying by.  Our wedding anniversary (number 26) was on the 20th, which I always thought was the first day of spring.  Now I come to find out, that on the East coast, it’s not the first FULL day of spring, since spring doesn’t officially begin until sometime after midnight on the 20th.  Anyway, close enough.  It was uneventful this year, not like last year when we celebrated by going to the British Virgin Islands.  This year, no big spring break trip…which is a good thing really…I’m still working on the scrapbook from last year’s trips.  Too funny.  OH– and you should see it, I was working on one of the headlines, and ran out of the stupid little stick-on letters… so the headline reads:  “A Day Sail and Snork”  It should say Snorkel, of course, but when I tried to find an “e” to finish the word, there were none left, so I’m now stuck.  I have a plan though, first of all, don’t use those stupid stick-on letters anymore, and instead I’ll print my headlines on photo paper using the computer. 

We had a nice visit with some friends from Michigan who were here enjoying a kind of Spring break of their own…without kids…and went to some Detroit Tiger Spring Training games.  I met this couple online, in a way, he is a news producer for the Flint, Michigan ABC-owned television station, and our emails sometimes cross, because his name is Patrick Wilson.  In the Disney email system, his name and my name pretty much pop up at the same time and some people pick the wrong Pat Wilson.  So over the years we have gotten to know each other and have had a chance to meet when Pat (1) comes to Florida with his family.  Pat’s wife’s name is Tricia — too funny.  Get it?  Pat & Tricia, makes… PaTricia — they had to get married…it was fate.  They are a fun couple, and we had a really nice time going out with them, hope to do it again soon.  Pat, if you’re reading this, you owe me a picture for this spot!

Easter came just a bit earlier this year, and last weekend we went to my parents home in Vero Beach, just a short drive from our home in Kissimmee.  The weather was so-so for Florida, but still much better than up north.  We relaxed during the day on Saturday.  Amy and her friend Nicole went to the beach, Mom and I got ready for company coming for dinner, and managed to go to some of the shops in Vero just for fun.  It’s really interesting to see what people think they can charge for clothing in that area.  I guess there are enough people there who will pay the price either because they don’t count their pennies like we do, or because they’re visiting from Europe where they are getting a real bargain by coming here for vacation.  We attended Easter services at my parents’ church which was very nice.

Next week is Spring Break for Amy, and I’ve been hearing a few things about plans for next week, I’ll bet they will try to go to the beach again as they had quite a bit of fun doing that a couple of weeks ago.  They’re on the prowl for cute boys, of course.  Hopefully not too many activities to drive me crazy.

Next big things coming up:

  • I’m buying a new car (Amy will get my Taurus when she gets her license in June).  Right now I’m thinking about a Mini Cooper Convertible, so stay tuned about that.  I don’t have to do it until June. 
  • Going to Patrick & Marcella’s wedding in April (Mentioned that in my previous article).  I’ll get to see my sister and hopefully Dan will come out as well.  My aunt told me she’s going to wear the same dress she wore to my wedding, which is a stunning royal blue silk Sari that my dad brought back from India and she made into a dress.  I can’t wait to see that again, and to be honest I’m so impressed because I can’t fit into anything that I wore 26 years ago, and I think it’s great that she can!
  • Vacation in Bethany Beach in July…Amy and I have to drive up by ourselves because Tony has to stay home and work.  His boss messed up on his vacation schedules so Tony gets jipped out of most of the first week at BB.  He will fly up to join us on July 3 so that he gets to be there for the big parade and fireworks show…the highlight of the summer!

Happy spring, everyone, it will be summer before we know it and we will be wondering where the time went.  Too funny.


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