I say this every year and I’ll bet you all say it too: this year has flown by!! I hope this annual letter finds you all well. I’ve been re-reading last year’s letter and I must say that every year always seems busier than the last. As with 2006 …no hurricanes! Work continues for both Tony and me, we are still keeping busy with lots of different projects. I continue in my same role at Walt Disney World, no big change there, and Tony continues in his work with KUA.

In celebration of our 25th anniversary (March), my 50th birthday (April), and Amy’s 15th birthday (May) we traveled for a week to the British Virgin Islands at Easter time. We stayed in Tortola in a small island resort called Marina Cay. Be sure to catch up on this in my blog, https://wiltap.wordpress.com.

Here are just a few thoughts…Tortola is a beautiful island with friendly, relaxed people. The views from our villa on Marina Cay were breathtaking. The weather in the spring was fantastic, very livable and no bugs. The BVI’s are best enjoyed by boat…if I were to go back, I would think about a boat charter with a captain so that we could tool around the islands and not need to depend on making travel arrangements every day. Amy and Tony took a turn a scuba diving and I got some great pictures.

As you read, Amy turned 15 in May…that means only one thing…the dreaded LEARNER’S PERMIT!!!! In June, she took the written tests (there are two in Florida, one for drug and alcohol and one for rules of the road) and passed. The first driving lesson was on a very rainy and windy day…in the empty parking lot at EPCOT. Other than light poles, there is nothing to get in the way and gave her a clear path to get the feel for steering a vehicle. One worker in a pickup truck eating lunch must have been quite amused to see us circling around and around. Amy’s proving to be a good driver and I am not nervous (much) when she drives.

Also in June, Amy traveled to Seattle where she attended Natalie’s graduation, then flew on to Bethany Beach.

We joined her in Bethany a week later. Tony and I drove up in the car, making the trip again in one day. We stay in a house called “Four Winds” and we think that it was 1994 that Mom & Dad started renting that cottage. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get the Bethany Beach sand off my toes.

In August Amy started 10th grade at Osceola High School taking more honors classes and some state mandated fundamentals classes. She competed on the OHS swim team again this year, and enjoyed it very much. She also has joined the water polo team.

Over Labor Day weekend, we went with our friends Peggy, Marty, and Nicole Maddock to Coquina on the Beach in Sarasota. We had a nice dinner at Columbia this time, as well as an awesome barbecue. Marty took our picture for the Christmas card there at Sunset.

In October, we had two big events… the British side of the family came over for a visit, and we took a short break to New York City. Claire, Dean, Abigail, Les, Barbara and Maureen visited for two weeks. They had a good time relaxing and playing, visiting theme parks, and shopping. Unfortunately, they had some health issues, but everyone kept their spirits high. What would a vacation be without a couple of trips to the emergency room for massive doses of antibiotics? I can’t even say…not half as much fun.

One nice thing we did together was go to Discovery Cove. If you ever get a chance, it’s a very nice visit when in Central Florida. For us it’s pretty expensive, and we won’t need to go again. We had two very nice days in the Magic Kingdom, even though one day was rainy. Abigail had a blast and wanted to do everything! Nothing was to be missed except the scary roller coasters and scary Haunted Mansion and any scary caves in Tom Sawyer’s Island. On our first visit, tragically, we missed seeing Mickey and Minnie, so we made up for that on our second visit the first thing when we arrived.

When we were in NYC, we caught the Broadway show, “Wicked” as well as great sightseeing and shopping. We had a really nice time there. It will be fun to do something like that again one day.

Amy’s looking forward to spending Christmas vacation with the family in England…so we’ll be kidless for New Year’s Eve. Hmmm…..

We’ve scheduled some work on the house for this month, re-doing the siding, and all the doors (we have 5!). Always good to keep the house updated…just adds value but our timing stinks, not sure the holiday season is the best time to do this stuff…ah well…

Remember you can visit us on the web at: https://wiltap.wordpress.com. If you’re planning to be in Florida please give us a call…or email us at my new email address: wiltap@gmail.com


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