May 17

So far, it’s a big fail.

Basically, no weight loss, some weight gain, and a bit of stress over it.

But here’s some thoughts:

  1. I’m feeling good.  My health is good, my attitude is good, my mood is good, and I’m exercising.
  2. I’m feeling full more often.  Sometimes I don’t get that full feeling, so I tend to eat too much.  Even when I don’t like the food that much, I just keep eating it.  In the past few days/weeks I’ve noticed the full feeling coming on sooner and the urge to eat get less and less.
  3. I’m exercising every day (or mostly).  My goal is every day, as long as I don’t have an early meeting, or one of us isn’t feeling well.

I know there’s more I can do,  but I really want to continue concentrating on these three things.  I think the weight will come off, as long as these other stars are aligned.

April 5

No progress in the past weeks, since my last post.  I’m seriously thinking about hypnosis.  There’s a program that’s recommended by Peer Trainer.  I guess I should go for it, it’s a $100 risk, but they say you can return it for a full refund if it doesn’t work for you.  At best, I can hope to take off another 10 pounds before Australia.  That would be fine, I would be happy with that.

I do feel better these days.  My energy is good, I feel healthier, and my clothes are fitting better.  So even though I haven’t lost any more weight, I know what I’m doing is for the good.

February 17

I think being hungry is my penance for letting myself go and getting fat.  “They” say that you shouldn’t be hungry on Weight Watchers, but I’ll bet “they” have never had eating, food, and weight issues.  Some people are just wired differently and never really feel full or satisfied.  It’s just the way it is.

Ok, anyway success continues.  Net change is +26.  Since I started I’ve “lost” 10 pounds.  Only 26 to go to get back to where I started back in 2003.  I can do this.  I am getting used to the hunger. 

February 2

I am so glad to report that I’m making progress.  Joining Weight Watchers was a good move.  I must say, Weight Watchers makes you face your weight gain square in the face.  They don’t let you stay in denial.  I first joined Weight Watchers in 2003, and tracked my weight for about 2 years.  Then late in 2005 or early 2006 I gave it up, thinking I could go it alone.  To my defense, I changed scales and the one I had been using was 10 pounds light. 

Even so, on the weight tracker, my net change is +29.5.  That means that I gained back everything I lost (about 20 pounds) plus at least 10 more.  I went into this weighing 205 pounds!  I’m now down to 198.5.  That’s still absurdly overweight, and quite unhealthy, but at least I can see that this is working.  Ok, 6.5 pounds and counting.

The one thing that I love about Weight Watchers is that I can be normal, and eat normally, just being more aware of portions and choices.  The one thing I’m having a problem with is that same thing, because I’m still learning (relearning) just how many calories or “points” are really in food.  I saw a commercial recently for Alli, where they tell you that they can teach you how to “use” food.  Like it’s a controlled substance.  I guess in my hands it is.

20 pounds to go until June 1.  Yay!

January 2

I had big plans last year… I re-read my page on Waist Management and I was certainly off to a great start.  It should have worked.  But… I fell off the wagon and hit the ground hard.  I have gained a significant amount of weight, in fact, I’m at my heaviest since Amy was born, and I think that I’m at my heaviest in my lifetime.  So, I’m going to turn things around now in 2010.  I have a few things to think about.

First, health.  I cannot afford to lose my health, and having all this extra weight is a real health hazard.

Second, travel.  I don’t want to look fat in all my travel pictures!  It might seem like a shallow reason, and it probably is, but let’s face it…when you’re on the trip of a lifetime, you really want your photos to look good.  Wouldn’t it be great, in 5 months time, if I had lost 26 pounds?  That’s only 1 pound per week, and if I do that I will drop two dress sizes.  That will look pretty good! 

So the first thing I did, and pretty much the only thing so far, is to re-join Weight Watchers online.  They have a darned good program.  I talked things over with Tony and he observed that the only thing that really worked for me in the past was Weight Watchers, so I’m going back on it, and trying to follow all the good advice.

It calls for a lot of record keeping, journaling, blogging, etc.  I will keep up with at least the points tracking, as that’s the most satisfying part for me.  What kills me is when I follow the plan exactly, and exercise, and use  my points, etc… but don’t lose weight.  That’s negative thinking, so I need to find something positive to say about it.  I guess the best thing to say is that if you follow all the plan, and do the exercise, you can’t do yourself any harm, you can only help.  So there!


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