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My Lopsided Smile

I need to update you on something… on Friday I started having symptoms of Bell’s Palsy on the right side of my face, and today that side of my face is totally non-functional. In case you are not familiar with Bell’s Palsy, it’s a paralysis of the facial muscles, usually on one side of the face, caused by the inflammation of the facial nerve that runs through a canal in the skull behind the ear. This nerve controls muscular movement of the face only, which is lips, cheeks, eyes, eyelids, and forehead. They don’t really know what causes the nerve to become inflamed, although it is associated with a number of viruses including the common cold. It is not contagious. It’s self-limiting and will not spread to other nerves.

I have had this once before, over 20 years ago, and it went away by itself after a few months, I don’t recall how long it lasted but I think it was something like 3 or 4 months.

So, you will notice that I cannot move at all on the right side of my face. I have difficulty eating (hey, maybe that would be good for my diet!), drinking and talking. I have some slight pain right behind my ear, which I’m sure is the inflammation. My smile is undoubtedly lopsided…and sometimes I have to rub my right eye which gets a bit dried out. I’ll be wearing my glasses as contacts will not work as I can’t blink too well on the right side. I will probably be getting some medication to try and bring the inflammation down more quickly.

I’m trying to stay positive and confident, and I just wanted all of you to know so you weren’t caught off guard by my appearance. It’s ok to ask me about it and talk about it with me, and if you have any experience or knowledge of Bell’s Palsy you can share I would very much appreciate it.

 On another note, Amy returns from her visit to England today, she’s in the air somewhere over Canada as I write this!  Can’t wait to hear about her visit and how much fun she had.  I’m glad she got to spend time with her sister.


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