Catching Up

I’ve been meaning to write in my blog for a while now.  The last post was at the end of November, for goodness sakes!  I think I should write at least once per month.  So by that standard, I’m only one month behind!  So, to catch up, let’s see if I can fill in some news about December.

I remember there was Christmas… the whole month of December always goes by like a blur because so much is going on.  This year there was not as much, since both KUA and Disney along with most of the rest of the world cancelled the company  Christmas parties.  I didn’t miss those so much.  Usually I get kind of bored with them…but they give a good excuse to dress up nice.

Tony and I decided to give each other a new TV for our bedroom for Christmas instead of giving each other presents.  That worked out ok, I think, we picked out a low-priced LCD and it worked ok, the sound was good, but it had a dead pixel (which means there was a red spot on the screen) and so we took it back.  We bought another one that was $100 more, a name brand, and it looks great.  The one problem was that the sound was lousy.  Go figure.  So I ended up buying a speaker bar from Target for another $100 and the TV sound comes out of that, and now it sounds great.  I get a few HD stations on it, and I guess if I wanted to spring for the extra smart box I could get all the HD and digital channels on it, but for a bedroom TV it’s just fine.

We gave Amy cake decorating lessons (something she is interested in) and I’ll have to fill you in more on that later.

My mom came to visit for a couple of days and we had a great time, we went out to Magic Kingdom to see the fireworks show and the castle lights.  I just love the Christmas castle lights, they are something pretty spectacular.  And Holiday Wishes fireworks show is amazing.  The next day we went to see Ice! which is an ice sculpture exhibit at Gaylord Palms.  They bring over artists from Harbin, China which is well-known for its ice sculptures.  Evidently they have a lot of ice in Harbin, China.  So they come over here for a few weeks, carve all this ice, and set it up in a big tent that they refrigerate down to 9 degrees.  Guests walk in through a pre-show where they talk about how the ice is carved, and show what the rooms will look like, then everyone gets this big heavy parka to wear (you have to bring your own gloves and scarf).  We walked through the exhibit, and it was really quite spectacular, but I thought it would be bigger.  But when you remember that it’s all made by hand, and in a very limited amount of time, then you start to realize how much work went into the whole thing…quiteah amazing.  Anyway it was very crowded and we didn’t really spend as much time as we should have done, it was over before we knew it. 

Anyway, then we went to have lunch at Columbia Restaurant in Celebration and took a drive around to the Grand Floridian and Boardwalk to see the gingerbread houses.  I mean, those guys don’t just build this little thing you put on the table, they actually build houses!!  The tree at the Grand is also spectacular.

I had two weeks off between Christmas and New Year’s to use up extra holidays and vacation days.  That was great to have time home from work, but I didn’t get nearly as much done as I would have liked.  I really have to have deadlines in order to be productive…isn’t it sad?

New Year’s was fun, we went to CityWalk with Deanna and Rick, and we saw the Doobie Brothers.  You remember them… Rockin’ Down the Highway, Jesus is Just Alright With Me, etc.  They’re still going strong.  It was a fun evening, and we had a great time.  We went back over to Portofino Bay the next day (New Year’s Day) to meet them and we had lunch and hung out and then it started getting cold…since we were going to spend the evening we thought it might be a good idea to have some warmer clothes so maybe going shopping would be a fun idea.  Oops… the traffic was horrible and we spent more time going 5 miles than we did anything else.  Anyway we got back in time to have a quick bite to eat and then go see a movie (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) courtesy of Deanna’s friend who is a manager at the AMC Movie Theatre in CityWalk.

We had a great time… so now it’s then end of February.  What the heck happened to January and February?  Two months have flown by, mainly powered by keeping extremely busy.  First, Amy’s involved in Water Polo.  Practices are almost daily.  And games now are every week (they won their first game!).   I agreed to serve on Call Committee and we’ve been meeting weekly every Wednesday night.  Add to that the Thrivent Board once per month and the Starfish Ministry, it’s pretty crazy. 

I’m going to think about reformatting the blog.  I’m not sure how many of you are interested in the day-to-day lives of the Wilson family, in great detail.  Probably what I’ll do is create pages for a monthly diary and then the main blog can be more subject-oriented.  We’ll see.  Anyway, Spring is right around the corner.  Hard to believe it, but it’s almost March.  Too funny.


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