Mini Mia

I just wanted to share pictures of my new Mini Cooper. 

I had quite a time getting it, but it was fun!  I had been looking for a new car since giving my Taurus to Amy.  This summer we’ve been sharing two cars between three of us, and after returning from the beach Amy got a job and it started becoming pretty inconvenient. Anyway, we were waiting for some funds to arrive, and once they came in I started looking for Mini Mia.  I knew she was out there somewhere, but had been hearing that Minis were hard to find.  I called Downtown Mini here in Orlando, and found out that they had no new minis in stock, they were completely sold out.  The one convertible they had was a 2006. 

So I found a dealer in Tampa and had an online chat with them late on Thursday night.  On Friday morning around 10 a.m. a guy named Mark called me and told me they had one 2008 Mini Cooper Convertible available.  I told him I would call and let him know what time I would be there.  I had to finish up a meeting and then take Amy to the bank to get her first checking account.  All the while I’m working on getting this account set up, I’m on the phone with Mark making sure Mini Mia was still there and wasn’t sold.  I offered to put a deposit on over the phone and he said someone would call back.  By the time Amy and I had lunch I had the assurance of a sales person named Chris that Mini Mia was mine as long as I could get there by 6 p.m.  Tony came home and changed and off we went.  We hit Tampa during rush hour and Chris called me a couple of times while we were on the road to make sure we were still coming.  The trip took about 30 minutes longer than usual, but we were there just after 6 p.m.  After taking a short test drive, and then signing all the paperwork, Mini Mia was mine!

I found out while we were waiting for all the paperwork to get done that the Mini dealer in Tampa has one more convertible on the way next week.  A gal was in the showroom and she told me she had bought it sight unseen, and was very excited to get it because it was the last one in Florida that she could find, other than the one I bought.

So I’m very excited to have a fun new car.  The convertible will be more fun in the winter, right now it’s pretty hot to tool around with the top down.

I’m hoping to get a vanity plate with Mini Mia but I’ll bet it’s already taken.  I’ll let you know!


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