We have arrived at BB (Bethany Beach) and we are experiencing the typical summer weather pattern found in the Northeast US at this time of year, HHH (Hazy, Hot, and Humid).  Unfortunately for us humans, the WWW (Wicked West Wind) has blown the no-good yucky flies to the beach.  These are not your garden-variety harmless house flies, oh no…  These are the biting kind that will pretty much drive you totally insane.  These are the reason that horses have tails…for no other reason than to swish away flies like these.  There is only one possible way to escape them, and that is to go into the sea or into the house.

We found two possible remedies, because normal bug spray does not really work.  There is a vendor at the local farmer’s market who sells Lavender products, and has a bug spray made with lavender and citronella.  It works, because Mom was able to sleep on the beach today with no problem.  We also found a recipe online that uses Rosemary and Lemon and I was using that and found it to be moderately effective.  Unfortunately we had a useless spray bottle for it, so we had to pour it out and wipe it on. 

I don’t know when the wind will change but when it does it will be wonderful and we won’t want to leave the beach at all.

By the way the ocean has been cold but so refreshing in the heat.  I’m amazed at myself because I normally don’t swim in the ocean but have had no problem with it this year.  I went to the store yesterday and when I was in the car the dashboard temperature said it was 102 degrees.  By the time I got to the store it said 97 degrees.  It was a pretty hot day.  I don’t know what it was today but it was good and hot.

Stay tuned for pictures, I’ll try to take some tomorrow.  The town of Bethany Beach has constructed massive sand dunes to protect the properties and they are something to see.  Very different and will take some getting used to.  But I think it’s all for the best so that the next big storm doesn’t take the whole beach with it.


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