School’s Out…It’s Officially Summer

So it’s been an eventful couple of weeks since Amy’s birthday.  Actually almost a month.

First, there was the birthday weekend at Ft. Wilderness.  I must admit, that was fun.  It was the second time we did one, the first was the 10th birthday.  I took the day off on Friday May 23rd and did the grocery shopping for the weekend…supplies for the weekend in a cabin with 6 girls, plus Tony and myself.  I kept it simple, but even so there were a lot of groceries.  I went over to Ft. Wilderness, checked into the cabin, picked up the golf cart (and that was one of the very few times I actually got to drive it) and then went home to pick up the girls and Tony.  I had a pretty full day, just doing that.

The girls arrived at the cabin, and tooled around the Fort for a while on their own, then they got ready for a night on the town at Downtown Disney.  They took the bus over and saw a movie and met a bunch of other friends over there.  Of course, they were late getting back…but blamed it on the bus.  Too funny.

Amy had asked me to make up a treasure hunt game for them to play on Saturday.  So I asked around work and one of my friends gave me a game that had three parts:  a trivia game, a treasure hunt, and a scavenger hunt.  I made some changes to it to customize it for what we wanted to do.  The first half of the game was played at Ft. Wilderness and the second half they split up and one group went to the Polynesian and the other went to the Grand Floridian.  They had to answer trivia questions, and write those answers down.  They had to find things to bring back for treasure.  Things like brochures or kid’s menus.  Then they had to find places and take their picture in that place and for bonus points bring back some information like the names of the three youngest kids in the playground…things like that where they had to interact with people.  The first part of the day was nice weather, the second part was rainy…but they got through it and came back to the cabin with their treasure and their pictures.  We went over the answers to the game and they showed us their pictures which was absolutely hilarious, and loads of fun.  The winning team got movie tickets and coupons for popcorn and a drink and the runners up got movie tickets.  Fabulous prizes!  Of course, bragging rights, too.

While the girls were out for their scavenger hunt, Peggy and Marty came over and joined us.  Daniella and Eddie joined at around dinner time…and in the evening we had the barbecue.  Of course, it rained on and off while we were barbecuing, and we had to eat indoors which was a bit cramped, but the girls weren’t bothered at all.

That night the girls went out in the golf cart, and found some things to do…they said they just hung around out by the pool.  I have a feeling there were boys involved…

Daniella, Eddie, Peggy, Marty, Tony and I stayed in the cabin and played with the Wii.  We had a blast! e We made Wii Mii’s for everyone, and did all the Wii Sports games except boxing.  I would love to do that again, and I’m sure we will have other opportunities.

…and of course they were late getting back.  I pretended to be mad.  Too funny.

In the morning there really wasn’t any food for breakfast…so we went to the restaurant for the buffet which is really one of the best kept secrets at Walt Disney World, good value for money.  We took the girls to the park and they stayed exactly one hour.  They then went to the Polynesian to the pool and called us after a couple of hours to get picked up.  I wasn’t too surprised, they really had a great time and were very busy the whole weekend.

Ok, that was a long story…do you want the rest of the highlights to catch up with us?

  • New furniture — has been on my mind for quite some time and I finally broke down and bought a new sofa and loveseat.  I lost my attachment to my great-grandfather’s couch after all these years…and so now it’s time to say good bye.  We bought a really pretty reddish-brown leather reclining set… loveseat with two recliners and 3-cushion couch with 2 recliners.  It just fits, and looks very nice.
  • New computers — we are going totally wireless, so Amy and I both have laptops and I bought a 500-gig exgternal hard drive that is about the size of a book, and really could go on a bookshelf quite easily.  This provides a complete backup for both computers, but really I am just using it for file storage.  Both of these laptops are 250 gig hard drives to it will be a long while before we fill them up.  We also got a wireless router and a wireless printer.  So now…I am gettting rid of all the stuff I’ve collected over the years and converting my “office” back into a guest room…finally after all there years!  It’s great to be able to sit and write the blog without being stuck in the bedroom.  I am actually sitting out on the porch enjoying the evening with Tony instead of stuck in a room by myself.
  • New driver — Amy got her driver license on June 3 — she was so excited.  So now, Tony and I are sharing a car as we have given her the Taurus to use for herself.  Of course there will be times that she will have to share with us.  I will eventually get a new car sometime this summer, or sometime before school starts.  We’re waiting on one of Tony’s UK pensions to kick in to provide some extra cash to use as a down.
  • New class — Even though school is out, Amy signed up for an online class at Valencia Community College.  She is a dual enrollment student which means she is taking college classes at the same time as her high school classes.  This way she can graduate with some college credits and perhaps save us some money on tuition, etc.  She might even graduate with an Associates degree.  The class started today…and we have to somehow get the book.  There was supposed to be one provided.
  • New company — Maggie is coming to visit from Dallas!!  She arrives on Thursday and Amy has plans to keep them busy.

I think that’s about it for now, the next big thing is the trip to the beach, which we are looking forward to.  Amy and I get to drive up by ourselves as Tony has to work.  I’m still going to try to make the drive in one day like we have done over the past couple of years.  Tony’s flying up on July 3 to join us there for the rest of the vacation and then will drive home with us.  I can’t wait to see the new dunes at Bethany.  More to come on this very soon.


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