The To Do List

Do you have a “To Do List?”  I do, and it’s about 5 miles long.  One time my grandmother said to me that I shouldn’t worry about getting everything done because it’s still going to be there.  I think what she meant was to enjoy the time we have together and if “it” doesn’t get done, you can always do it later.  She didn’t mean that we should procrastinate or be lazy, but be balanced and remember that work is really never done.

So, the balance part of this is that I have spent a lot of time on entertainment and having fun lately, and not a lot of time doing work around the house.  So I really need to get started on some projects that have been waiting around a while.  They all follow a theme, though, because keeping this house in shape, even in the midst of a real estate slump.  I guess that’s really the best time to work on a house, because there are a lot of hungry contractors out there.

I find myself now making lists of lists.  Of course, there’s the Work To Do List.  There’s the Church To Do list, too.  Then there’s the Countdown-to-16th-Birthday To Do List.  Too funny…what happened to the balance I was just talking about?

There’s always a choice, we can do the things on our list, or we can do the things that make us happy.  So I guess I need a Things That Make Us Happy To Do List.  Or I can follow Grandmother’s advice, and do the things that are important and leave the rest because the dust on the furniture (we call that protective coating) will always be there, but important people, events, and opportunities in life will not.

This weekend I’m going to knock out a few chores off of the list and then try my hardest to spend some time with friends.  If that doesn’t work I’m going to spend some time with my hobbies.  I have not put together the scrapbook of our last two trips yet, and that hobby always makes me happy.

Oh well, not a lot of news today, just some ramblings.  I’ll let you know if I actually get any of my things on my To Do Lists done.


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