Disney Reppin’

Something I really like to do once in a while is to help out the Marketing department when they are hosting media events.  It’s a great way to get out on into our resorts and parks, and really show off the great experiences we can offer our Guests.  The role of the Disney Rep is to make sure that the media gets to all their events, and broadcast locations, and to get them interviews.  In the process, we get to know each other and at least for a few days, become friends.  It’s sometimes fun, sometimes a headache, but always very interesting.

Each event is a bit different, sometimes it’s a new attraction, or a new theme for the year, such as Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary, or the “Year of a Million Dreams.”  The last one I did was the opening of “Expedition Everest” and I spent a few days with a wacky guy from Chattanooga who did a regular travel segment for a local TV morning show.  Before that it was Fox TV from the Washington, DC area for the 50th, and I spent several days with their (very high-strung, high-maintenance) reporter, a producer and a cameraman doing live and taped segments for their morning news show and even hits for several other Fox stations. 

The current event is Resorts Showcase, which is mainly radio and some print and one or two TV such as Telemundo.  The main thing for this event is to highlight our resorts, and the benefits of staying in a Disney resort, how really affordable it is (no, really, it is very affordable…stop your giggling), and how we have great accommodations for larger party sizes. 

This week I have the pleasure of working with an online media, ModernMom.com.  ModernMom.com is filming short videos and also sending daily blogs of their activites and experiences back to their readers and subscribers.  I’ve been working with Alison and her family while they enjoy the parks and Alison is sending daily blogs to the website about her experience.  This is their first trip to Walt Disney World, but they have been to the Disneyland Resort many times. 

Alison is very curious about all things Disney and it’s so much fun to show her things she hasn’t had a chance to see yet.  She’s very enthusiastic and once she gets going doesn’t want to stop! 

Yesterday we spent the day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (recent name change) and had all good intentions of getting out of there by about 2:30 and I think we made it out by about 5:00 p.m.

Today we visited Epcot and rode Test Track, which was a great hit with Alison’s 5-year-old daughter.  Then we had lunch at Coral Reef and visited Nemo and his friends at the Living Seas.  What would a visit to Epcot be without a ride on Soarin’.  Then we had a short look at World Showcase, and then dashed over to the Hoop-de-doo Review at Ft. Wilderness, and we just barely made it.  I love that show, it’s so corny and stupid that you have to laugh and have a good time.  Hoop de dooo, hoop de dooo…. can’t get the song out of my head now. 

Tomorrow it’s Animal Kingdom and then there’s a fabulous dinner and dessert party at Epcot followed by the fireworks, we have a viewing area all to ourselves so we don’t have to scramble for “good” spots.  We’ll just pray that the winds are favorable so we’re not covered in fireworks soot and smoke, that has happened to me before.  Too funny.

 Wednesday it’s Magic Kingdom for a bit and then I’ll have to say goodby to Alison and her family before they head off to Epcot for a tour around the World Showcase.  I have no idea how Alison will fit a spa visit into all of this.  I know she was trying to schedule something.  We’ll see.

And yes, in case you’re wondering…I do get paid for all this.  And I have to still get my work done, even though I”ll have been out of the office for three days.  But it’s all worth it.  And all the time I could have been catching up on work I was writing my blog instead.  Ah well…there’s always tomorrow. 

Here’s my picture at the Epcot dinner party — no media — they were worn out from all the fun in the parks… too much fun… note the cute cloud effects on the floor — when we came into the room it was really cool.

Epcot Party


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