Catching Up With Cousins

This past week we had a great visit with Charlotte (Shorty) and Keri Olson who are my cousins from Bismarck, North Dakota.  Keri is a member of her high school (Bismarck High School) dance team, the Demonettes.  They were here competing in the UDA National Dance Championships at Disney’s Hollywood Studios February 2 – 3.  If you click the link, it will take you to a picture of their team doing the High Kick in the finals, they took 6th place.  Keri is the blonde girl towards the middle.  They took 6th place.   Notice that the top two places were won by local Florida schools.  Who knew?

To see a video of their performances, go to and type Bismarck in the search bar above the video player, and their three videos will display on the right side.  Click on one of them to start playing it.

We missed seeing the Saturday performance because they went on so early that we were not able to get through the park entrance gate in time.  We waited around with Shorty until the finalists were announced, and they made it to the High Kick finals.  So the team went back to their hotel to sunbathe by the pool (a good activity for a group of girls from North Dakota) and Amy and I took Shorty to Epcot to ride Spaceship Earth and have a bite of lunch at The Land Pavilion.

We didn’t get to see the Sunday performance because of church comittments and then later in the day picked up Shorty and Keri for a trip to the mall.  Their team didn’t make it to finals in the Jazz Dance, so they had the rest of their day free.

On Monday my mom came up from Vero Beach for lunch and also we were joined by another cousin, Charlotte Wheatcraft.  So the two Charlottes, Keri, my mom and myself had lunch at Olivia’s (Old Key West).  It was great to meet Charlotte W. who was one of my babysitters when we lived in Des Moines, Iowa.  I guess the last time Charlotte W. saw me I was wearing diapers.  So it must be kind of surreal for her to see the adult after all these years.  She told a cute story about my sister running around naked…so that was amusing.  Too funny.  Then they did a bit more shopping (of course) and Keri had to get back to her team for the trip home.

Here is our picture from lunch:

Keri Olson, Charlotte Olson (Shorty), Charlotte Wheatcraft, Pat Wilson (me), Jan Greene (mom)


Shorty spent the night with us Monday night and we had a nice visit and gave her a ride to the airport on Tuesday.  We are trying to find a way to get the girls together at a time that’s not so busy and they can enjoy each other’s company more.  I’m hoping we can make some plans for summer.

That’s it for now… next week I’m working a press event so I should have some interesting news about that.  In the meantime, enjoy!


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