I can now say that the siding job is finally done!  Thank heaven.  We were beginning to think that our siding guy was moving in with us.  He was so funny… he did a good job and all, but was so slow, it was painful to watch.  He and his brother both smoked, and were wheezing and coughing and every little movement seemed painful.  It’s a good thing I wasn’t home most of the time.  The house really looks so much better now from the street, I think the neighbors are breathing a sigh of relief.  It’s always bad to be the worst house on the block.

Sunday before we left to go to Vero Beach we heard little scratching noises in the attic above the kitchen.  Sure enough, squirrels in the attic, coming in from under the eaves, they chewed through the screening covering the soffits.  To get rid of them we called a critter removal company who charges $300 to set the traps and repair the soffit.  A nice guy named John came by and set 3 humane traps, and will come back to get the little guys when we catch them (if we catch them).  In the meantime the soffit is repaired and they can’t get in, except to go into the trap.  Then he said he takes them back to his house out in the country and lets them go.  Yeah, I’ll bet.

We won 3rd place in the neighborhood Christmas decorating contest.  We got a $15 Home Despot gift card.  It just kind of showed up at the door along with a little note.  I think there was little to no competition this year!  We didn’t do a bad job, but we weren’t really trying, either.  Too funny.

Now we have to put up new guttering on the house, we have called one of those guys who comes in a truck and just rolls the gutters out in one big long strip and puts them up for you.  That’s an easy job, I think that will get done quickly.  Having even thought that now, it will probably take “two weeks.”  LOL

Next we need to repair the driveway and complete some landscaping in a couple of trouble-spots…and we’ll be done with the front.  I also want to resurface the pool deck and extend the patio out to the side, I’m thinking of doing thin-pavers all throughout once it’s done.  I will have to wait for a while to pay off the siding, doors, and guttering, not to mention the squirrels.  Here’s the last picture of the house, with the before and after.  It looks pretty good!

  Before:  House Before Siding

After: House After


Here’s the new kitchen window from inside — it makes the kitchen much lighter and brighter.  It will be nice to have a window that opens for better ventilation on certain occasions.

Kitchen Inside

On another note, check out my Bell’s Palsy progress, I’m keeping a little journal.  We went to Vero Beach this weekend to an engagement party for my cousin’s son, Patrick.  It was a lovely party and I didn’t have as much trouble eating as I did at the beginning of getting Bell’s Palsy … and I must say the food was great … so I think my recovery is going well so far.  I think people do notice (it’s hard not to) but no one seems to mind, it’s just a bit annoying for me, because I like to smile and laugh and it’s hard when I really can’t.  It’s like the old saying, it only hurts when I laugh, and that’s what Bell’s Palsy does, it really shows most when you’re smiling and laughing.  So then you have to laugh at about that!  Oh well… too funny.


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