On the Side

The siding is going up at last.  Just a quick word about speed.  Hmmmm….. the guy we are using is definitely not a speed demon.  He delivered materials on Friday.  We didn’t see him on the weekend. 

He came over on Monday, dropped off tools and some more materials.

On Tuesday, they put up exactly 5 pieces of trim around the garage door.  It looked great.

Today, they finished up the siding and trim around the garage door.  It looks great.

At this rate, our siding guy will be celebrating Christmas with us.

We are hoping he speeds up a bit, after tomorrow we are going to see.

Here are pictures from Day 1 and Day 2 — I’ll have to take the pictures from Day 3 tomorrow when it gets light out.

Day Zero — Beginning of Project 

This is the house before any work was done.  Don’t ask me why I didn’t capture the garage, too.  My bad.  At least you can see my new front door!!

House Before Siding

This is the detail of that wall where the window is… very bad… you can easily see why we very much needed to do this.

Kitchen Side Wall Detail

These next two are from inside the atrium.  Yuck.

Inside of Atrium Before

Inside of Atrium Before

End of Day 1…

These two are the materials and tools at the side of the house that were delivered.

Day 1 Materials More Again

It’s too funny, he has the ladder locked to the fence post on the inside of the gate.  Probably a good idea anyway…hopefully someone doesn’t think it’s a good challenge to just break the fence.  It’s a pretty safe neighborhood….

Day 1 Materials

This is what’s in the back yard.  I know the homeowner’s association is much happier with this than with our neighbors who had all this out in their front…along with a trailer that lived out there for the duration.  What a mess.

Day 1 Materials More

End of Day 2

This is the total amount of work done… 5 pieces of trim.  The hanging plants are from the atrium, they will go back there when the work is done in there.

End of Day 2

More tomorrow, with pictures of End of Day 3, and if I get home before dark, we can show you End of Day 4 as well!


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