Closing the Door

We now have a new front door, it only took 2 months…should have taken 3 weeks, but hey, at least it’s done now.  So I need to fill you in on the final chapter in my door saga.

On the 26th, I heard that the door may or may not be delivered sometime soon.  Very vaugue indeed.  On the 28th, I get a call from Lowes that my door has arrived and it’s ready for me to pick up.  The poor guy who called me had no idea, so I was nice… I told him that they could deliver it.  Again, poor guy… he asked if I had paid a delivery charge.  I was nice.  

We arranged a delivery for the 29th and I asked that none of the packing be removed from the door, to prevent any damage.   New Door in Crate You can see from the picture that it’s crated up pretty tight, so I’m sure that the first one was damaged when they were removing the crate from it before delivering. I was told that they would deliver between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.  I was also told that we were the first on the truck for delivery … I was definitely not expecting them at 10 a.m. and so was not surprised when they rolled up just after noon… but at least it was before 2 p.m.

Once I had inspected and signed for the delivery I called my installers and arranged for installation on Monday.  They were amazed at the shipping crate that surrounded the door.  Everything went very well on the installation until I noticed that the door bell was ringing more or less constantly… kind of a low buzzing noise coming through the wall.  Earlier, when they had the old doors out and I looked at the door frame structure, I noticed that the builders had installed the doorbell wire into the wood of the frame, by chiseling out a little channel and laying the wire inside, and securing it with some staples.  I didn’t think anything of it, nor did our door installers.  It seems that when they went to screw the door into the frame, the screws pressed on the wire and engaged the doorbell.  Too funny.

We were all amazed but no way was I letting them take that door out to fix a doorbell wire.  I opted to disconnect our wired doorbell and install a wireless.  They put that up for me as well.  Now I have a doorbell that plays 13 tunes, including “Dixie.”  Too funny.

The wireless doorbell came from Lowes, of course… I had to return the wired doorbell button I bought for when the new siding is installed, so figured I would use that time to pick up a new doorbell.  Just so happens as I’m pulling into the parking lot I see Doug, one of the managers who had helped me on the 26th and had promised the $300 refund.  I caught up with him (the fear in his eyes was evident) and told him that the door had been delivered in one piece and has been installed (instant relief crosses his face) and oh, by the way, what about the $300 you promised me?  No problem, says Doug, go inside and meet John by the customer service desk. 

Uh oh… now another Lowes manager to tell the story to…I don’t think I have time…. but nevertheless in I go to find John.  He’s a character and tries to tease me about the refund, but tells me to meet him back at customer service when I have my new doorbell.  I did that, and they gave me 20% off my new doorbell, that was nice.  Then I waited about 15 minutes while the cashier tries to credit my account for $300.  She went to get another cashier, who tries.  No luck. 

She has to go get John, who doesn’t really know what to do.  No luck. 

John then proceeds to call yet another manager, also named John…and by this time I can envision my door installers waiting for me to get home with the darned doorbell… so I ask, do you need me to wait around while you get this done?  No, says John… I promise I’ll take care of this for you.  I hope he was successful .. we’ll see.  I can check on it, and if it’s not done I’ll have to go back in there and call a meeting with all my new friends.

Wow, so that’s it, the whole door saga. 

Old Door: 

Old Door

 New Door: 

New Door

New Door inside:


Meanwhile on the 28th we had our alarm system installed…that is a fun new toy.  On the 29th it started beeping at about 4 p.m. and said that the backup battery was low.  Hmmm…. we called Brinks and they had a guy come out Monday who took a look and found that it had not been hooked up properly.  Anyway that’s fixed now. 

Tomorrow the materials for the siding are supposed to be delivered and that job will start pretty soon thereafter.  That’s going to be new siding for the wood parts of the house, including the atrium … which means our philodendron will have to come down, but it can grow up again… if I want it to, which I really don’t. 

 On Friday, one more sliding glass door, the screen for the atrium door, and get the screen repaired for the great room door…did I tell you that Tony accidentally walked through it and pulled it out of the spline?  We’re not used to having a screen door.  Too funny.

Amy comes home Sunday, back to school Monday!  Yippee!  Stay tuned for the next in our Home Improvement series, there will be more to tell as we progress through the siding installation, I’m sure.


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