How “Lowes” Can You Go?

I’ll tell you, I’m most disappointed in Lowe’s.  You can read the history of what’s been happening in my first few articles about my door saga

Here’s the basic timeline:

11/25/2007 — Ordered a custom door from Benchmark doors, through Lowes.

12/8/2007 — Door is delivered to our house by Lowes and it is broken.  There is a vertical split in the door frame.  The installer does not want to install it with this split.  I agree with him.  I call Lowe’s.  The millwork department will order a new door for us.

12/12/2007 — The replacement door was still not ordered, it took a personal visit with a manager to get that done.  The broken door is still in my garage.

12/14/2007 — I get a call from Jane at Lowes who says she’s going to handle this case personally.  She tells me that the door is on track for delivery on 12/24 but that they can’t do it on Christmas Eve, so it will be 12/26.  She will follow up on it personally, except that she’s on vacation Christmas week.  Yikes, I wonder how she’s going to follow up on it personally?  Not wanting to sound rude, I just hope for the best.

12/26/2007 — I went into the store yesterday to talk to Patrick who had been so efficient the last time I was there.  Not surprisingly, Patrick is not there because he’s an afternoon guy.  Ok, so I go talk to Nelson in the Millwork department.  Nelson’s a nice guy who looks up my order on the computer, and it says right there that the door is supposed to be delivered 12/26/2007.  I saw that with my own eyes, looking over Nelson’s shoulder.  So he calls Benchmark, and is told by them that it is not expected to ship until January 4.  Surprised?  I’m not.

I think Nelson wanted to run from the department when he saw how angry I was becoming and trying to stifle my fury.  I told him in a very quiet voice (it helps when you whisper because people have to listen very carefully to hear you) that we needed to get a manager right away. 

The lucky manager yesterday was Doug.  I gave Doug the Reader’s Digest version without using too many swear words, and asked him to resolve this with Benchmark.  We would not have been in this situation if the morons that work in Lowes delivery had not broken the door in the first place.  Maybe they got the door already broken, but they didn’t notice it and that is just as bad.  So Doug asked me to wait just a few minutes while he got Benchmark on the phone and he would let me know what could be done.  About twenty minutes later, I gave up and left the store, after leaving a written message with my cell phone number.  Surprised?  I’m not.

I have this vision of Doug and Nelson hiding in a back room someplace watching the security cameras waiting for me to leave.  No… just kidding… but they never called me either, so I’m pretty sure the little note I left was “accidentally” (read conveniently) lost.  Nelson called my home and left a message on my answering machine.  By the way, when I left the store I went straight home and was there for at least an hour.  They waited quite the long time before calling, that is for sure.  Surprised?  I’m not.

Tony called me in Florida Mall while I was shopping to let me know that there was a message from Lowes.  I had the crazy idea that I could call them back.  You’ll know that’s a crazy idea if you read my previous articles about the sheer impossibility of getting anyone on the phone at Lowe’s.  I think I must have listened to the phone ring 85 times.  My minute counter on my cell phone showed 7 minutes 43 seconds and the only person I talked to was the store operator who kept putting me on hold and ringing a phone.  At one time she said the phone she had been trying was out of order.  So why was she trying to call it??? I’ll never know the answer to that.  Surprised?  I’m not.

Finally, Mike from Millwork called me back and told me that the door will be delivered either Thursday, Friday, or next week sometime.  How’s that for noncommital?  I wonder how long they thought about it before deciding that it would be best to give a very wide window of probability.  They are probably thinking… if we don’t say what day it’s supposed to be there, then she can’t hold us accountable?  Good try guys.  Not gonna happen.  You guys just don’t learn. 

I’ve been offered a $300 discount on the door.  That’s a good start.  I think that if that door is not delivered tomorrow, we’re going to start talking about another $100.  I’ve had it.  I’m done.

Now, I have had to put off the installation of our alarm system for another week.  I have had to put off the installation of our siding another week.  I had this project planned with sufficient time to have the door installed before the other installations, but Lowes completely messed up my plan. 

I’m going to visit the store tomorrow…get ready guys… just to check to see how everything is going.  I’m going to get Benchmark on the phone today and let them know about my blog and the great publicity they are getting.  Gotta love it.  Can’t wait. 


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