Foster Parents

12/20 Update:  Unfortunately we are no longer foster parents, it turns out kitty wasn’t pregnant she had an incurable disease known as Feline Infectious Periotinitis (FIP).  She had the “wet” form which causes fluid build up in the abdomen.  She would not have lived much longer, so we had her put to sleep so she could go to kitty heaven.  So sad… 

Here’s what happened…. 

On Saturday I went to pick up Amy from her haircut appointment, and drove by a group of young boys who looked like a pack of puppies that had just chased a squirrel up a tree.  They were peering into some bushes on top of a berm behind a garden center.  A couple of them were on skates and at least one was on a bike.  It looked to me like they were up to no good at all…and immediately thought some small animal might be involved.  So I drove around to the other side, behind the garden center, and saw the small animal they were so interested in…and she came right up to me, as friendly as could be, a cat, probably no more than 6 months old, very very pregnant.  She almost rolled down the little hill at first, but found her feet and came right up to me.

By this time I’m surrounded by young boys, who were indeed very curious about this kitten/cat who looked as if she had swallowed a football.  I informed them that this cat is pregnant, I think that it really surprised them.  She was very affectionate and purring in my arms and I could feel every rib in her chest and every vertebrae in her back.  So sad.  So you know what I’m going to say, don’t you?

I took the little kitty home with me, mostly to rescue her from the little boys, and somewhat to rescue the little boys from themselves.  Anyway, I am resolved not to keep the kitty, and didn’t name her, although informally she is known by a couple of names — Prego or Mary/Merry.  Finding her during the Christmas season made me think of Mary, and Merry Christmas, you have now adopted a cat!

When we attempted to take her to the SPCA in Orlando, we were informed that because she was pregnant, they would immediately euthanize her.  Well… no… not an option for me unless she is sick, wounded, or in pain.  She didn’t ask to be abandoned and then get knocked up… as much as I don’t want any more unwanted kitties in this world, it’s not their fault. 

We stopped in at PetSmart after a few phone calls, and talked to a very nice group of people who run the animal adoption services at PetSmart, calling themselves Helping Paws Humane Society.  So the deal is, that this organization will take kitty to the vet, make sure she doesn’t have a fatal incurable disease or infectious virus, and then we will foster her and her kittens when they are born.  Once they have reached the point where they can be adoped out, we will turn them over to Helping Paws for adoptions. 

Stop it, I know what you’re thinking…(she’ll never sign them over, etc.)… but I am resolved, I really do not want another cat for life, much less multiple cats… this queen probably has at least 3 and maybe 4 I’m guessing because of her size.  You can see in this picture … the cat that swallowed a football.


I am kind of worried about her trip to the vet…based on my limited knowledge of cats, I feel that there could problems with the babies…she is severely underweight and very small.  I have no idea how long she has to go, although looking at her I think it’s not going to be too much longer.  I’m mainly worried because she isn’t that interested in eating, and I’ve tried several things.  The good thing is that she does eat a little, and she pees and poops in a litter box….thank heaven for small favors.

By the way, she and Fluffy have met, and have not become the best of friends.  Fluffy will not hurt her but he’s not at all happy to see her.  She was quite unintimidated by him and would get along beautifully with him if he would let her.  This cat, if she is healthy and survives this pregnancy, will be very adoptable and will make a great pet for someone.

Ok, so a couple of other bits of news, we had our sliding glass doors installed today.  When the installer arrived, he announced to me that this job was only going to take a couple of hours.  I laughed and told him to remember he hasn’t worked on this house before.  Well he said, they did tell you that only 3 of your 4 doors is here, right?  No…they didn’t…it seems that one of the doors was left out of the order.  Why can’t any installation of anything by a company doing work on our house ever go the way it was planned?  Also they were supposed to put a little concrete pad in underneath the slider going into the atrium.  I was told by the door installer that they are doing that in a separate job.  My goodness… what next?  I’ll tell you what next… I was sitting in here at my computer working, and they were working in the great room on the big door.  Then it became too quiet.  That always makes me nervous.  If I can hear banging and scraping, drilling, etc. then I know things are moving along.  Silence makes me nervous.

I went out into the living room to find the old door completely gone (that’s good) the new frame assembled (that’s good) and leaning into the opening with the two guys sitting down in chairs on the screen porch (that’s bad).  The one guy is just sitting there and the other guy is on the phone saying, “…how much clearance do the glass panes need in the frame?”  That sounded very bad.  They had run into a small glitch known as measure twice cut once.  It seems that even when two different people measured the door opening, the frame that they ordered was some inches too large for the opening.  Surprise!!  So they ended up cutting out some framing material from one side of the opening so that they could fit the frame in.   As you might have guessed, they were here from 9 until just after 5 p.m. finishing the job that would take only a couple of hours.   Told you…should’ve listened to me…

Tomorrow we’re going to a party for one of Amy’s friends, and then the girls are doing a gift exchange.  Thursday the Helping Paws lady will come pick up the cat to take her to the vet and we will get the health report to give you.  Amy goes to the dermatologist, and then finally I get to work.  Friday we get the little concrete pad installed underneath the slider in the atrium.  The front door is supposed to be delivered 12/26, the alarm system is to be installed 12/28.  The last slider is supposed to be installed on 1/4 and then sometime soon the siding will get done.  Phew…it’s been a long couple of months trying to manage these projects.  What next?  Ok, stay tuned for more cat and door and siding sagas.


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