Response and Resolution

The magic of blogging…it gets attention.

If you’ve been following the blog for the past few days, you know that 3 weeks ago, we ordered a custom double front door from Lowe’s.  We waited 2 weeks for it to be delivered, and when it was it had a huge crack in the frame…deemed uninstallable by our contractor.  It took me several mind-bendingly long phone calls, and a personal visit to the store to get a new door ordered…and the bad broken door still sits in my garage.

I sent an email to Lowe’s (actually I had to send two before they did anything) and let them know about the issues I was having by giving them a link to my blog and it worked, today I got a very nice phone call from a lady named Jane who said that she personally called the vendor and was informed they do have my order and will be delivering a door on 12/26.  Poor Jane, once she let me know the good news, I wanted her to hear even more details (the stuff I didn’t write about in the blog) and she listened very patiently.  I hope that some of what I’ve experienced will help everyone at Lowe’s to look at a few things with a more critical eye.

Jane said she is going to be following up personally on my door.  Just one little itsy-bitsy glitch though… Jane will be on vacation for Christmas week…so I am not really sure what will happen when I call on the 26th to find out where my door is…if Jane isn’t there… If no one else knows about it, I won’t be surprised.  I’ll certainly let you know.

Now I’m just waiting to hear from the siding contractor…and the sliding glass doors…they have been pretty silent, so it might be time to see what they’ve been up to.  Stay tuned!


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