The Personal Touch

The door saga continues.  Remember yesterday how we said that the nice guy in the door department at Lowe’s promised (over the phone) that we would have the broken door picked up and a new door ordered?  Remember how I said we’ll see?  Are you surprised to learn that they tried to pick up the door during the day when we clearly told them (over the phone) it would have to be after 4 p.m?  I’m betting you’re not at all surprised.  I’m not.

When I found out that Lowe’s tried to pick up the door but did not know that they were supposed to come after 4 p.m. I began to think that what we had here was a failure to communicate.  I’m getting the mental picture of a guy on the other end of the phone rolling his eyes, holding the phone away from his ear with one hand, while making the “blah blah blah” hand gestures with the other, while I’m trying to carefully explain that we work during the day and they need to come after 4 p.m.  At that point he assures me all is well, they’ll come and get the door after 4 p.m., he will reorder the door, and then hangs up the phone, curses under his breath, and goes on about his business of avoiding all contact with any pesky customers who might try to interrupt his uneventful life.  At least that’s my mental picture….

Ah, the wonders of in-person communication.  Lesson learned…never ever try to deal with Lowe’s personnel on the phone.  It just doesn’t work.  I’m not convinced (yet) that my in-person visit with a manager at Lowe’s made any difference; the proof will come in 14 days when and if a door shows up.  So after getting off the phone with a wonderful Lowe’s employee who knew nothing of the last few days of grief and who confirmed with me that there was no door ordered… (surprised yet?  I’m not…) I decided that an in-person visit was needed.   I spoke to a pleasant man named Patrick who had “Zone Manager” on his nametag and he listened carefully and kept a good attitude.  Patrick knew right away that the three individuals I had dealt with previously were not empowered to accomplish the task of re-ordering a door for me…and how I wish they knew that, too.  Evidently the Lowe’s employees want to help, but Lowe’s gets in their way.  Anyway, Patrick comes to the rescue, orders up the new door, and we’re all set.

Now…I asked Patrick…what do we do about the broken door still sitting in my garage.  He doesn’t seem too concerned and wants to have it picked up when the new door is delivered.  Sounds good to me, why didn’t they offer that in the first place, you wonder?  Makes sense doesn’t it?  Well, according to one of the Lowe’s employees, they couldn’t order a new door until they had the old one back….sort of a catch-22…at this point Patrick rolled his eyes and said that was ridiculous.  Patrick and I think alike.

I asked the question yesterday, and I wonder if there really is an answer…what do Lowe’s employees do when they have a home improvement project?  They probably shop elsewhere because they realize that dealing with Lowe’s could be a nightmare!  Anyway I can tell you that Home Despot is far worse, so even though I’m ranting about Lowe’s, I would never ever ever ever ever do something this big-ticket with Home Despot.  They are a joke.  Patrick said that my situation is unusual, that he has never heard of so many errors.  I must be lucky…I’ll be playing the lottery this weekend, folks!!

So stay tuned…in 14 days I’ll update you with the latest and greatest on the door saga.  If we don’t have a door yet, I won’t be surprised.

By the way, I sent my blog address to Lowe’s so that they can read and comment on my problems.  I haven’t heard back from them.  I’ll bet you’re not surprised.  I’m not.


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