A Month of Fun

It’s turning into a busy month, loads of things to plan and do.  Here’s a quick rundown:

…last weekend we went to Tampa to the quarter-final playoffs for the state championship football in division 5A FHSAA Football.  Osceola High School vs. Chamberlain High, Osceola wins 14-7 in a nailbiter down to the last 3 seconds.

…this weekend, we’re traveling to Jacsksonville for the semi-final game, this time with Bartram Trail High School.  We’ll spend the night so we don’t have to make the drive back the same night.

… Saturday I am going to see cousin Derek who is Rick Springfield’s keyboard player.  They’re at Hard Rock and Deanna is getting us in.  Amy’s going to go and she’s bringing a friend so that will be fun for all.

…next weekend, if OHS wins this weekend, their final game will be Friday night.  That will mean it’s a hard decision for us, because that night is our Disney holiday party… and we will probably also want to go to the game… but we can wait and see what happens tomorrow night.

…then the 15th we’re having the annual Christmas house party only this year it’s a bit different because it’s the gang from Tony’s work instead of all the random friends who we hang out with.  We’ll have some of Amy’s friends too so that she can have some fun…after all, it’s all about fun for Amy, isn’t it?

…the weekend of the 21st is Water Polo Camp, then Christmas Eve we have to do something for Deanna’s birthday…trying to think of a cool idea for her…

…then Christmas day Amy flies out to UK and we’re on our own for 10 days… kidless in Orlando again.

…Deanna has invited us to CityWalk for the B52’s and Foreigner on NYE so we’re planning to go there and that sounds like loads of fun.

…meanwhile all this craziness is going on we are working our tails off, keeping heads above water, paying bills, doing laundry… and…

…getting work done on the house, we have the front door being replaced on Monday.  Sometime in the next couple of weeks we will get new sliding glass doors (we have 4 of them) and then new siding….and an new alarm system.  Merry Christmas!  (For the next 2 years!)

…that’s it for now. 


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