November Update

I am going to try to write something at least once per month, if I can get into that habit then maybe I can get it going weekly.  We’ll see.  OK, so it’s November.  WHAT HAPPENED?  The last time I checked, I think it was 4th of July.  Those were the days my friend.  Not sure of what’s been going on since then, but seriously, I do know we have really moved quickly through that year.  In some ways I think that’s ok.

So this month…let’s see…Amy is doing very well in school this semester, I checked grades online today and she’s got 3 A’s and 1 B.  She’s taking two honors classes (Chemistry and World History) and two required basics classes (required for standardized testing!!).  Next semester will be more challenging than this.  I don’t think she’s had to work too hard.  She tried out for the Dual Enrollment (DE) classes, which was only being offered to a handful of Sophomores in the spring semester.  However, she didn’t pass the College Placement Test, although she did come quite close on two of the sections.  The algebra tripped her up, but that would trip me up, too.  It’s been a while since I took algebra, so I’m no help.

Water Polo is Amy’s sport at the moment…she has joined a league ($$) and signed up for a training camp in December ($$).  We had to buy a Water Polo ball ($$) in order so that she can practice strengthening her hands, which are pretty tiny to grip a ball from the top…but she is trying.  She goes to practice Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights.  This is getting her into great shape, I do hope she keeps it up.  The school season for Water Polo starts in the Spring Semester.

Thanksgiving weekend we spent at Mom & Dad’s house in Vero Beach.  Thanksgiving dinner was over at Ginny’s; Becky and Randy did a great job on the dinner (smoked turkey, yummy) and mom made the Door County Cherry Pie, yummy.  It was great catching up with Victoria and Miranda.  They have come a long way in the past couple of months.  I think there’s hope for me yet (wink).

So now the big news… I guess I better send an email to the folks before I publish this… Amy was invited to spend Christmas with the family in England, and she came to me yesterday and said that was what she wanted for Christmas.  So we’re making arrangements to send her over there.  That’s going to be fun for her and for Claire to get to bond together a bit more.  I hope they enjoy it.

I’ve been working hard, as has Tony, it’s just daily grind with us at work.  Most things never change.  We’re looking forward to December, with about 4 holiday parties planned… so I’ll update you soon on those happenings.


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