The British Invasion

I wrote the last time about catching up, but I actually skipped over something so very important!!  We had a great 2-week visit with the Wilsons and Masons from England. 

Claire, Dean, Abigail, Les, Barbara, and Maureen rented a villa in west Osceola County, not far from Champion’s Gate.  They had a good time relaxing and playing, visiting theme parks, and shopping.  Unfortunately they had some health issues, but everyone kept their spirits high.  What would a vacation be without a couple of trips to the emergency room for massive doses of antibiotics?  I can’t even say…not half as much fun.  <GRIN>

One really nice thing we did together was go to Discovery Cove.  If you ever get a chance, it’s a very nice visit when in Central Florida.  For us it’s pretty expensive, and we won’t need to go again.  The best part about it is the coral reef…but when you’ve snorkeled the real thing it’s just second best.  While I did like it, I felt it was too crowded… I was kicked and bumped too many times to count.  Also it was overcrowded with fish.  You don’t see so many fish in the wild, you see a lot more coral and fans, and you also hear the fish nibbling on the coral, a sort of ever present clicking sound.

We had two very nice days in the Magic Kingdom, even though one day was rainy.  Abigail had a blast and wanted to do everything!  Nothing except the scary rollercoasters and scary Haunted Mansion and any scary caves in Tom Sawyer’s Island were to be missed.  On our first visit, tragically, we missed seeing Mickey and Minnie, so we made up for that on our second visit the first thing when we arrived.

I have never eaten out so much as I did those two weeks, and we also had a barbecue here with rousing games of trivia questions and darts. It turned out the Villa did not have an outdoor grill, so the evening we went to their house for dinner, we stopped off and picked up food from Outback and brought it over.  Poor Dean’s foot was swollen up and it was best for him to not have to go out.

All-in-all I think we had a great visit.  If I could have one wish it would have been that they visited during a school holiday so we could have taken more time to spend with them.  Anyway, we have some good pictures and I think they have some good memories.

Now, be sure to check out the other pages that I updated — see the links up at the top of the page, on the right side underneath the heading “My Pages”?  If you click the Local link under Travel, you’ll get some more detail about some recent local travel we’ve done, and see some slideshows I made.


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