Catching Up

Are we ever caught up?  Why do we get behind?  What are we behind anyway?  A big truck or something?  Why is there always something ahead of us?  How did it get there … I’ll bet it’s behind something, too.  Funny.

 Anyway it’s been a while since I updated my blog, so I’m feeling very behind.  I will not feel in front once I’ve updated the blog, but I will at least feel better that my friends and family can read about our activities!

Did you catch Good Morning America on Friday, 10/26?  We were on, if not only briefly, we did get in to the studio and had a cool tour with another couple who were VIP’s like us!!!  Too funny.  If you are paying attention, that means you know that we are in New York City for the weekend.  It is great to be back after 18 years…revisiting old haunts like Grand Central Station.  I really like what they’ve done with Times Square.  I never ever ever would have brought my 15-year old daughter to Times Square in 1989 when we moved to Florida.  It was full of peep shows and adult bookstores, and nothing else very worthy of attention…unless you were a habitual drug user or pervert.  Now… what a different world.  I would never have thought it possible.  It’s still the same New York City, only better.  Amy said she wants to live here, I just said, hope you have a lot of ambition and are ready to make the big bucks.

In the next few days I will update you with more details, but let me give you the outline so far:

Arrival LaGuardia

Travel to Manhatten in a brand new cab with SpeedyAkbar who got us to the City in absolutely record time, I have never flown so fast and so low.

Fabulous room (ha ha) with a view (ha ha)

Good Morning America

Strawberry Fields

Central Park (I especially recommend the restrooms in the NYC Parks & Rec offices at the Central Park Zoo.)

5th Avenue — need I say more?

United Nations — but isn’t the whole City the UN anyway?

Dinner at an Irish Pub

Wicked.  It’s Wicked.  Awesome.

Blissful sleep.

Breakfast that cost more than most special occasion dinners in Orlando.  I told Tony not to look.

Battery Park.  Rain.

Trinity Church.  Rain.

Century 21.  Juicy Coture.  Rain.

Broadway — Canyon of Heroes.  Rain.

Raging Bull Statue.  Rain.

Canal Street — Purses.  Rain.

Mott Street — Lunch.  Yum.  Rain.

More Canal Street.  Restroom adventures.  No Rain.

Soho.  Shopping.  Rain.

Greenwich Village.  No Rain.  Finally.

Times Square.  Shopping.  Again.  No Rain.

Hotel.  Cosmo’s, beer, MySpace.

Dinner.  Italian on 2nd.  Excellent, but expensive!

Walking on Park Avenue.  Waldorf Astoria..  Wish we could afford it.

Back to the hotel… tomorrow…

Empire State Building…

Whatever else… 


I’ll fill in with details later.


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