Summer Vacation Part I

Our trip here was fast and uneventful, exactly the way we had hoped it would be.  We drove the 920 miles in about 14.5 hours, which was excellent time.  Everyone was surprised to see us early, but we were very glad to be here.

The weather so far has been spotty, we had two really nice beach days and two sort of crummy days.  The day before yesterday, Tony, Amy, Caitlin and Natalie went parasailing.  We have some pictures, so I’ll get one posted.

 Yesterday, July 4, was not so nice, it was raining when we got up in the morning, and we just took our walk in the drizzly rain…yuckky.  Then we took the girls to the outlets to see what A&F, Hollister, and American Eagle had to offer, and got back to BB in time for the parade.  It was warm and sunny by that time, with some clouds…but a lot of wind!  It was because of the wind that the town cancelled the fireworks show, and rescheduled it for Saturday.  We all agreed that the parade was not as good as years past, we are betting that they had a new chairperson this year who decided to make some changes.  But it was still fun to watch.  Sitting on the beach yesterday was no fun, we got sand blasted.  We took our family pictures, and ended up having to do one indoors because of the wind (See below). 

We had a great visit with Cindy, Maggie, and Alex Sutton who are cousins from Texas.  It was so nice to get to know Cindy, who we had not had the chance to meet yet.  Maggie and Amy have become good friends and had been looking forward to the visit for quite some time.  They stayed at the Cedar Breeze B&B and came over every day to sit with us on the beach and visit.  While they were here they did all the BB things…went to the outlets, the beach, the town, and had a good look around.  It was fun showing Cindy around and talking about all the things we used to do and what has changed over the years. 

Last night the girls went to the beach and lit sparklers, and we watched some fireworks from up the beach, some of which were really pretty…and some that reminded us of scud missiles.  Tee Hee…

Anyway, watch this space for more news…everyone is well and we’re having a great time as usual.  It’s basic R&R which is what we really needed.

Here’s one of the family photos… the one I liked best, anyway…

 Family 2007

This is all the girls…Caitlin, Alex, Natalie, Maggie and Amy 



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