Kidless in Orlando

Well, for the past 2 weeks (nearly) we have been without our little teenager in the house!  When the kid’s away…parents will play… she called the other night, after a few days of not hearing from her, and guess what … she needs money!  Wow, what a surprise.  Anyway, I asked her what she could have spent her money on, and she says, “Food.”  I wonder if my sister was making her pay for her meals?  No, Amy reassured me that Carolyn was feeding her, this was for when they were out.  I’m guessing they were out a lot.  I asked her what kind of food she was eating … she described fast food, and one restaurant meal.  To keep up with Amy, I read her MySpace page … looking at her pictures and reading bulletins is the best way for me to get the dish on Amy.  She keeps it private (good girl) otherwise I’d blogroll it here.  They are on their way to BB today and tomorrow … so at least she’s in the same time zone now.  Read on for more on time zones.

So, when the kid’s away … parents will play.  Carolyn gave me a gift certificate to the Spa at the Grand Floridian for my 50th birthday.  Originally it was supposed to be a massage in Tortola, but that didn’t work out because we wanted to go to Anegada — which was totally worth it, by the way.  So we decided to have a short break.  I booked a Swedish massage and European facial at the spa, and my friend Deanna joined me and also had a Swedish massage.  After our morning at the spa, we checked into our rooms at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, and had lunch at Saratoga Springs Turf Club Grill.  Then we spent the afternoon lounging by the pool, with a few friendly Bahama Mama’s.  We were joined late in the afternoon by Rick and Tony, and then went for a fabulous meal at Artist Point, where Deanna knows all the staff (she sells wine to them).  It was a beautiful day, and a very great meal.   It was nice not to have to drive home after having a few glasses of wine, so we just toddled off to our rooms for a nice sleep.  Well … at 1 a.m. my phone rang … and I stumbled across to the dresser to fish it out of my purse and by the time I got there it was still ringing … but then it stopped by the time I could focus enough to push the little green button.  Guess Who?  You guessed it, the kid in the Pacific Time Zone who forgot about time zones.  I went back to sleep.  The next day, when I told Deanna, she commented that she would have been worried and would have called back, but I just went back to sleep.  What kind of mother am I?

Sunday morning we had a leisurely breakfast (a rootin’ tootin’ breakfast, with pony races, catsup runnin’ and hollerin’) at the Whispering Canyon Cafe (God only knows why they call it Whispering Canyon, it’s anything but whispering…).  We went over to Animal Kingdom to see the new “Finding Nemo” show but when we got there we were disappointed to see that they had cancelled all the performances for the day.  😦  Deanna and Rick rode Everest, we walked around the Asia animals, saw the Bug show, and then made our way back to Wilderness Lodge to pick up the cars. 

We enjoyed a great afternoon on the Butler Chain of Lakes with Deanna, her brother Ron, his fiancee, Cam, Daniel, and Rick.  Cam and Daniel were wakeboarding, and I have some cell-phone video, and one day I’ll figure out how to get it out of my phone.  LOL.  We then had a great dinner at Windermere Grill.  I can’t believe how busy we were all day Sunday, and we had a really great time all weekend.

This weekend we will be spending time with our good friends Marty and Peg, before we really have to buckle down and work to get everything ready to head to the beach on Friday.  WOW!  It’s hard to believe, we’re headed back to BB already.  But I’m really looking forward to it.  I’ll spend some time writing about what we’re up to in BB and hopefully post some pictures.


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