Summer is Here!

It might still be spring on your calendar, but Amy’s just started her summer, today was her last day of school.  She made pretty good grades, probably better than I would have done, she had an Honors Geometry Class (76 – C), Honors Physical Science (78 – C), Drama II (102 – A), and Drama Improv (100 – A), which means she finishes her freshman year of High School with a solid B average.  Last semester classes were all A’s and B’s as well.  She worked very hard in the two honors classes, luckily the drama classes were not challenging, so she had time to devote to those two harder subjects.

In June, Amy leaves for an extended trip, first to Seattle where she will attend Natalie’s graduation, then on to Bethany Beach.  We will join her in Bethany Beach for two weeks, and then home after that.  Maybe Tony and I will have a short break while she is gone, if nothing else just hop over to Coquina on the Beach in Sarasota.  If we stay home we will just work and that won’t be any fun.

Tomorrow we are having our fence replaced.  It’s needed replacing since the hurricane season of 2004, but we kept repairing it.  Anyway, when the neighbors tied it up to the post with a bungee strap, I decided it was time to get it done.  I should take a before and after picture, eh?  How exciting!  But they say, good fences make good neighbors.  And considering I really don’t want my neighbors’ dogs running in my yard, the fence is a necessity.

The next big thing after the fence, and the beach, we need to have the wood siding on the house replaced, and this time do it in something other than wood, don’t know what, maybe aluminum or vinyl.  I want it to look the same, though.  We have cedar tongue-in-groove siding that is hung vertically on the front/side of the house, and then just wood trim in all the other places where there is stucco or rock.  Then in the atrium is board-on-board siding.  So it’s not that much, but I just don’t want it to look like the same-old-same-old siding, I want it to look like what we have, which was a good design.  I’ve seen other houses in the neighborhood do it, and it looks great.  We would still need to paint the stucco once in a while, but at least the “wood” parts would never need it again.

Then, the list goes on: 

  • driveway (current one is cracked badly)
  • pool deck (want to do thin pavers)
  • sliding glass doors (we have 4!)
  • front doors (double doors, somewhat warped)
  • flooring (at least replace the ucky old carpets that have been there for years)
  • paint/paper in living room/dining room/hallway (hasn’t been painted since we moved in)

That won’t get done this summer, if that’s what you’re thinking…but we have to make a start, so we did with the fence, and we’ll just have to pick from the list for what’s next.  I figure that we need to keep this house until Amy’s done with school, and then sell it and move to a nice condo.  Not sure Tony wants to do that, but I’ll work on convincing him that he doesn’t need yard-work any more.  As for me, I’d do it today if I could find the right place.  I have standards, no apartment complex conversions for me.  Places are going up every day, so I’ll keep my eyes and ears open.  Once Amy’s done with school, we could move to a different part of town if we needed to.

Well, that’s it for now, more later.


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