Pictures of Our Trip

I’ve been working on our pictures from our trip to BVI.  I have uploaded 138 pictures to my Shutterfly “collection” that you can see here:

Also, I’ve created a slideshow with music that’s too big to upload to a website, so I’m putting it on a disc and can bore you quite easily when I bring it to your house to show it on the TV.

Finally, I’m putting a few of the pictures on a slideshow that I will link into this blog, so if you really aren’t into viewing 138 pictures (I can sure understand that) then you can enjoy just a few.  You can see this slideshow on my British Virgin Islands page.

That doesn’t count the scrapbook that I’ll put together, so if you’re really bored one day you can ask me to see that when it’s done.

I have thought of about a dozen pictures I wish I had taken, and didn’t.  Guess I have to go back. <GRIN>  Also, I wish I had brought along more undewater cameras, because I missed getting a picture of the sea turtle and giant parrotfish we saw in Anegada.  When we got home, I found an underwater camera at CVS with a flash!  Of course, the bad thing about the film cameras is you can’t get good digital files from them, so if you want enlargements you have to get them printed at the store using the negatives.

Right at the end of our trip, something happened to my card, so many of the shots we did in Anegada didn’t turn out.  I’m thinking this card is on its last legs, and they don’t make it any more.  Time for a new digital camera!


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