Takin’ it Easy

We were so busy all week we thought it would be good to have a day at Marina Cay, just relaxing on the beach, and swimming in the “pool.”  The water at Marina Cay is so clear and warm it might as well be a salt-water pool, and the added bonus is that you can snorkel over the reef, and in the deeper parts you can see many different kinds of fish, and we saw a good few.  For example, I saw a Barracuda hanging around, and others came by with reports of rays and even a turtle.  Alison told us about an octopus, but we couldn’t find it.  There was so much to see that we didn’t get to it all.

After spending most of the morning and early afternoon on the beach, Amy and I decided to go over to Trellis Bay to take another look at the shops there.  There are two artists studios on the beach, a market, and a little restaurant known as “De Loose Mongoose.”  We checked out the restaurant, as we wanted to go there later in the evening.  The interesting part is, that when approaching the restaurant from land, it’s not obvious where it is, you have to walk along a dirt road, or better yet, along the beach.  If you have a boat…just pull up to the convenient dock in your dinghy, and you’re there. 

We walked through Aragon’s studio but didn’t find what we were looking for.  They have some very nice things, including ceramics and baskets, some very pretty shell jewelry, and unique T-shirts.  We went to the Trellis Bay Market, and found some Sam Adams for Tony, as he’s been missing his good beer friend.  We also went to Fluke’s, which is an artist’s shop and I bought four small prints and some other items as gifts.  The artist lives on his boat in Trellis Bay and his shop is just a little house, painted bright blue, on the beach.  I have seen some of his work in other places around the island as well.  He’s known for his maps…but I found some pretty fish and beach scenes that I liked.

I ended up running for the ferry back to Marina Cay…but had no need to do so since they were using the run over for supplies and they had a pretty big load to go over.  In addition some folks were just arriving to stay for a few days as they were meeting a charter on Saturday with a few other couples.  They were certainly in for a treat…and it was fun chatting with them on the way over.

We stayed on the beach for a little while longer, then it was time to change and go back over to Trellis Bay for dinner.  The ferry boat driver said he thought that 9 p.m. would be enough time.  I learned very quickly that an evening out in this country means an evening out…nothing happens fast…even in a casual dining restaurant.  So it was a good idea to check with our driver as he’s very experienced and knows what to expect.  Turns out…he was right on.

De Loose Mongoose is a house on the beach with a screen porch, some tables outside, and some tables inside.  The tables inside might as well be outside, because the screen doesn’t fit the openings and there are gaps large enough that would not keep a bird out, much less a mosquito.  The menu is basic, but includes Caribbean favorites, and they serve Pusser’s rum…what more do you want!  So there are four tables inside, one server and one cook.  The server very wisely serves one table at a time, and in order.  The service in this restaurant was the best we had on the island, and considering their size and that all their tables were busy, it was the most efficient.  It was not fast, but they served excellent food and it came out hot and tasty.  While we were waiting, we were swatting and killing about three mosquitoes every 30 seconds, so I got up and wandered around in search of (what I felt sure would be available) a can of Off.  Sure enough in a corner of the building there is a little book exchange, and to my delight, a full can of Off.  A couple of sprays, and I was feeling much better.  My family giggled and laughed, but it wasn’t long before they were over there getting sprayed themselves.

In our entire week this was the only night that I felt bothered by mosquitoes or any other insects.  I did get a rash on the inside of my left knee and on the back of my left hand, but I have no idea where I got it, and what caused it.  It seems like mosquito bites, but it’s just little red bumps that don’t itch.  I can’t think where or when they happened…anyway it’s nothing serious.

Anyway, we returned to Marina Cay and watched the moonrise again, and as we had done all week, went to sleep with a nice breeze and listened to the sounds of the waves on the reef.  I couldn’t get enough of this, it was just divine.


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