Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone.  We are home and glad to be here after having a most wonderful vacation.  We feel relaxed and refreshed, and are happy to have spent our time in such a beautiful place as the British Virgin Islands.  People who live there must love to hear us say it’s time for us to go back to the “real world” as if theirs is not real.  But it is most definitely a real place and we are lucky that we had the chance to see and experience it.

Our trip home went like clockwork, I was a bit worried that we would not make our connection in San Juan because of the customs but we made it in enough time for Amy to buy some perfume she wanted from duty free, for which she had been saving her money.

One funny item, with all the research I do, you think I would have been prepared for the departure tax at the airport in Tortola.  They charge $20 per person (!) to leave Tortola by air and I had no idea and it caught us by surprise.  In addition, BIG surprise, they do not accept credit cards, so Tony had to literally run to a cash machine and get money.  We didn’t tell him how much to get, at the time we weren’t close enough to the sign to notice the amount, but luckily he returned with $60 so we could pay the tax.  So, next time, be warned, make sure you have cash on you before you show up at the airport…or deal with the cash machine when you get there. 

Amy’s been out with her friends this evening, catching up on all their spring break activities.  We had a quiet dinner out, and I put Tony to bed nursing his cold.  By the way, I guess in my other days entries I didn’t mention that I caught a classic cold and by Tuesday was really suffering the sore throat and runny nose, sneezing and now have a chesty cough to go with it.  By Friday Tony and Amy both had all the symptoms, and so it’s going to be a few days before we’re all better.  It never fails for me to get a cold when traveling, but at least I had a warm climate this time and I didn’t let it stop me.  I’ll have to try one of these preventive products like Airborne next time…and see if I still get sick or not.  If I do, then it doesn’t work, if I don’t then, hey, it must have been the Airborne that keeps me well!  (GRIN)

Thanks again to Alison and Jim who made our stay at Marina Cay so special.  Also Melissa, our ferry boat drivers (never got their names) and all the restaurant staff and housekeepers did so much to make everything the best for us.  Melissa especially for putting up with all my dumb questions and last-minute requests, she was always easy to work with and made great recommendations for us.  Very soon I’ll put a post on Trip Advisor and link back to my blog so others can read how great staying at Marina Cay is.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our trip.  I will post our pictures tomorrow, or sometime next week and will let you know when they’re out there.


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