Island Tours

We decided to have a day out in Virgin Gorda, which is the second most populated British Virgin Island after Tortola.  Alison recommended that we take the ferry at 11:15 a.m. and have lunch, and go to the Baths and return on the 4:30 p.m. ferry.

Amy had found a cafe that sounded interesting called “The Fat Virgin Cafe.”  This is when knowing your island geography comes in real handy.  Unfortunately for me, I had not studied this island well enough.  Turns out, the Baths and The Fat Virgin were on opposite ends of the island.  Ah well, that means taxi rides, not a big deal. 

So off to the ferry we went, and made it over to VG by about noon.  We took a cab to the Baths, which is a very popular snorkeling and swimming spot.  There might have been 100 yachts moored off the coast, and all of their dinghys tied up just off shore as well.  The  Baths are huge granite boulders and caves, in addition to great looking reefs right off the beach.  We had a short time there and did some snorkeling, and walked through the caves just a bit.  There is no easy way to walk through these caves, so we didn’t venture in too far.  It was really a pretty place.  By the way, we had to hike down a trail to the beach (reminiscent of yesterday’s hike up the mountain) and of course back up again when it was time to meet our taxi to go to the Fat Virgin Cafe.

So, right on time (15 minutes late) our taxi driver showed up, his name was Tiger.  He said he had the same name as the rich golfer, but that he was the chocolate color tiger, and didn’t have as much money.  His taxi was a Ford pickup truck with padded (thank God) benches in the back, and a canopy over the top.  Pretty funny.  Anyway, he brought us down to Gun Creek, just in time to miss the ferry to Biras Creek resort where the Fat Virgin Cafe is located.

Enter Dexter, the sailing instuctor from The Bitter End Resort, who was in Gun Creek loading up on some supplies for the restaurant.  Dexter, being the nice guy he is, offered us a ride over to the Bitter End and then said he’d find us a way over to The Fat Virgin.  He got us there in style, on a Boston Whaler.  Then he checked with the people there who said the next ferry back to Gun Creek would be 4 p.m., which would not be in time for us to meet Tiger for our ride back to the town for our ferry home.  Dexter, being the nice guy he is, said he would take us back and would return for us at 3:30 p.m.   We enjoyed a nice lunch and sat out in the Caribbean sun, and sure enough, Dexter was right on time (15 minutes late) and got us back to Gun Creek by 4 p.m. 

Amy had a little mishap getting onto Dexter’s boat and bruised her shin, but not before I did a very ungraceful flop onto the boat myself, luckily I ended up on a padded seat, just didn’t look to good on the way there.  We are truly landlubbers, that is for sure.  Dexter told us he lives in Gun Creek, and that this is his backyard.  Nice.

So we  made it back to Spanish Town to the ferry dock in plenty of time for our ferry.  Now let me say that the ride between Spanish Town and the ferry dock is a mountain road with such beautiful views of the sea that it was well worth it.  Good thing, too…since when we got onto the ferry, we realized that it was going right back to the Bitter End resort to drop off some passengers.  Wow.  So we got to see this island, from end to end, from the mountain view, and from the sea.  While we were on the ferry we stopped in Leverick Bay where there is another Pusser’s and also saw Saba Rock resort.  Several yachts in this area were mini-cruise ships and one had a helicopter on it.  We were told that it belonged to Wayne Huyzenga (spelling?) who owns the Miami Dolphins and Blockbuster Video.    Must be nice.

When we got back to Marina Cay we were tired but had a wonderful day.  We ate dinner at the restaurant, and just before we left our terrace we watched the moon rise over Virgin Gorda which looked at first like someone lit a bonfire on the boulders at the Baths.


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