Full Moon

Today was the full moon, which meant there was a full moon party in Trellis Bay.  This was an authentic Caribbean barbeque with music — I guess a modern sort of reaggae — it was easy to listen to, and not steel drums (thank you so much).  This little area of beach is an artist colony, the artist known as Aragon, and he has constructed “fireballs” from steel, and they load them with wood and light them on fire.  There were three in the water, a pyramid, a cube, and a sphere, and there was another sphere on land.  They are intricately carved, with human figures.  The Caribbean barbecue was jerk chicken, barbecue chicken, pork, curry goat, rice, mac/cheese, coleslaw, potato salad, and probably a bunch of other things I’m forgetting.  The crowd was friendly, mostly tourists, and the artists in Aragon’s studio were demonstrating how they fire their clay creations in an outdoor kiln.  All very interesting and loads of fun.  We left before the Moka Jumbies came out, they are stilt walkers.  Tomorrow is an early day, we have rented a car to do sightseeing and beach-hopping in Tortola.  With any luck we will find a map at the airport to guide us on our way otherwise we might have some fun trying to navigate by the seat of our bathing suits!

 Also today we went diving.  Actually Tony and Amy went diving, I snorkeled.  The first thing was a short course in “how to dive” and then they went to a reef nearby called “Diamond Reef” because supposedly some lady once lost a diamond ring there.  That made me remember that I had forgotten to take off my rings….oh well, I managed not to lose them.

The divers saw some giant stingrays and I saw a few barracudas.  They also saw gruntfish, squirrel fish, parrot fish, and many others.  This reef had beautiful fan corals also.  My snorkeling partner was Lila, a 9-year-old who tried the diving (very brave) but couldn’t hack the equipment (who could blame her) as it was very uncomfortable for her.

Amy said she had a great time.   The rest of the day we spent just hanging around Marina Cay, we had a bit of a sleep in, which was nice.  The sun comes up in our windows so there’s not much sleeping in for us but I’m not really complaining because I’m still overawed by the views.

Anyway, tomorrow will be an adventure for sure.  We will tour Tortola (8 miles long, but some big honkin’ mountains) in a rental car with a left-hand drive, as we have in the US, but driving on the left as they do in the UK.  Hopefully we never feel the need to pass a slower moving vehicle…as that will probably make the passenger (me) feel very nervous.  I remember this well in Barbados years ago and didn’t like it there too much, either.

More tomorrow!


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