A Day Sail

A perfect day, really, we had arranged a day sail on White Squall II which is a 1936 Schooner.  There was a very hard north wind so the options for sailing were a bit limited.  We had an intrepid crew of two guys, one Canadian transplant and the other a native of BVI and both very skilled and competent sailors (which is what you want in this situation).

They took us to Angelfish Reef, off of Norman Island, for our first snorkel site.  We had a wonderful time and I took loads of pictures, both under water and on the sail over.  I also have a bit of video.  While we were sailing, both of our captains told us about the area and we had a fun time getting to know everyone.   They had no other crew with them which meant we had to go “out” for lunch.  So….

Lunch was at the William Thornton…aka…Willie T which is a boat that’s pretty much permanently anchored in a spot known as ‘The Bight,’ also by Norman Island.  It’s pretty famous and I imagine in the evening it would get pretty crowded.  Now I’ll bet you’re wondering how you get there, if it’s a boat, and we’re on a boat….well they actually have to put the ship (it’s an 80-foot schooner) at a mooring bouy (which by the way is an operation to watch) and they use their little rubber dinghy to get everyone across to the Willie T.  It has a sort of floating platform that the dinghys can tie up to and everyone just piles out and goes on board for lunch.  The food was really pretty good, and it was really fun getting to know our fellow passengers.

After lunch they took us a short way away from the Willie T to a little beach with a bar (of course) and a sort of a pirate name, can’t remember, and offered a choice of either more snorkeling or a short trip in the dinghy to go to the beach.  One other guy and I wanted to snorkel, and Amy, Tony, and the rest of the group went to the beach.  I think the second snorkel spot was better than the first and they really missed out.  Oh, I forgot, at the first snorkel spot we saw a sea turtle.  Wow!

All too soon the day was winding down, with a slow motor back to the port (Road Town).  They couldn’t sail because the wind was in the wrong direction and also it was really very strong, and two guys with a bunch of tourists would never have made it.

We took a cab into Road Town in the morning with Sam the cab driver and his little 4-year old son Nicholas, and Sam came back and picked us up in the evening and even stopped off at the grocery store so we could pick up a few items we forgot.   We ended up back at Marina Cay just after 6 p.m., and had dinner in the restaurant which was quite busy.  We had a nice chat with Alison, the hotel manager and now it’s really time for bed after a very busy day in the sun.

Tomorrow is a day to sleep late, and plan for the next couple of days…probably won’t do much.   More to come!


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