The Vacation Begins

Just a few thoughts:

…on travel to small Caribbean islands… they take their immigration very seriously in the BVI.  It took us about 45 minutes to clear customs and we were 2nd in line! 

…on personalities on a small Caribbean island…we took a short walk from the airport, and when I say short, I mean one block down the street to a beach with some little shops and a dock.  This was to meet the ferry to Marina Cay.  I think people were very surprised that we were staying there and didn’t have a boat of our own…but very sweetly offered us the use of their phone to call for the boat and they came right on over.  Sweet!

…on service in paradise.  This is one of those places where “on island time” really means something.  The room wasn’t ready and we were graciously asked to wait in the restaurant, which was no trouble really because we were kinda hungry.  The wait staff was less than enthusiastic to see us really, but the food was great and we had a couple of giggles about the attitudes.

…on the most fantasic view I have ever seen.  They showed us to our villa, which is two rooms joined by a living room.  The whole length of the living room is open to the sea, and we are up on top of a cliff so we can see for miles and miles out to Virgin Gorda, Beef Island (which is really a mountain … high enough they have a blinking light on top) and other islands I’m not sure what they are at this point.  To say that the view is fantastic is a mighty big understatement, it pretty much blew us away and that’s it.  I took loads of pictures.

…on bug spray.  There are at least 6 cans of bug spray in the room, and mosquito nets on the beds.  Tell you anything?  It’s not too bad, we’re sitting here in the open air now and the breeze is blowing and I feel a little flying bug now and then but they’re not biting.  I feel fine, and just thought it was funny that they provided Off and Cutter in the rooms.

So we’re off to sail on an 80-foot schooner tomorrow known as White Squall II.  I will let you know how it goes.


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